On the Move!


Miriam has never really crawled, but she sure gets around!
Our theory is that she has NEVER EVER EVER liked being on her belly; and therefore, she has avoided the crawling position all together.
That doesn’t mean she can’t get around in a sitting up position!
Our pediatrician said she’s seen this form of baby movement occasionally, but it is rare.
Dan’s mom says her parents told her she kind of drug herself instead of crawling; and ironically, my mom recalls her parents telling her the same.  The phenomenon must have skipped a generation.
To us, Miriam looks a little like a paraplegic (and please forgive my comparison because I really don’t mean to be flippant;  I just don’t know how else to explain it!).
She moves by propelling herself with her right arm & left leg.
Lately Miriam has been standing on her own … and has even taken a few steps.
It won’t be long until she is walking!!
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