Start Complaining!!

No, I’m not advocating complaining, griping, and whining! 
But I had a wonderful experience thanks to my COMPLAINT yesterday.

Recently, our middle-of-no-where town got a Panera Break Company (and this post is completely unsolicited by them).  I love Panera Bread … it is as close to a European cafe’ that I have gotten here in Missouri.  I love the atmosphere; I love the food; I love the bakery!! 

Yesterday, I ordered our lunch from there “to go” (I am SO thankful for several gift cards generously given to us at Christmas by school families & friends).  Anna had a doctor appointment to get to (30 miles away), and because she had a bad cold, she wanted soup.  I didn’t have any at home – and no time to throw together something home-made, so we stopped by Panera on our way out of town.  My “Pick 2” meal order should have included a sandwich, soup, AND a side of chips/baguette/apple (I asked for chips).  We got our sandwich; we got our soup (broccoli cheddar, which btw, Miriam CAN NOT get enough of – we can’t shovel it into her fast enough for her liking!!) … but no chips.  Not even an apple or a baguette.  So disappointing. 

Normally, I let things like this go … it’s a simple mistake.  No big deal.  HOWEVER, I’m not sure if it the fact that I’m now 40 years old and NOT GONNA TAKE IT any more … or it was just the spur of the moment idea – but I looked at my receipt and attempted to call the store from my cell phone.  After 6 rings, no one answered.  😦

At the bottom of the receipt was a phone number for a survey.  So, since I had 30 miles to drive with nothing to do, I called (although I guess I shouldn’t advocate being on the phone while driving??!??!?!).  Anyway, there was a question that said, “Was your order filled adequately?”  and I pressed the option for NO.  They then gave me the option to speak/explain why.  And I tried as nicely as possible to tell my sad story.

Fast forward to this morning at 10 a.m.:  I got a phone call from the manage of our local Panera store, apologizing for the lack of chips in my recent order AND offering me compensation of a FREE MEAL!  🙂  I was secretly hoping that would happen, but I told the manager (Don, if you’re local; he’s SUPER nice!!) that I’d have settled for a bag of their kettle-y chips. 

Well, since my SON woke up with a 102.8 degree fever this morning, he asked for SOUP for lunch … the really only thing that sounded good to him … and since I haven’t had a chance to buy or make soup since my trip to the doctor yesterday, it was off to Panera for a FREE LUNCH (who says there is no such thing!?).  🙂  Miriam was THRILLED to get more broccoli cheddar soup – and I was thrilled to not have to pay.  Don happened to be at the register when we came in and I explained my situation to the order-taker … he apologized again and later came by our table to ask if we’d gotten EVERYTHING.  He probably doesn’t want any more COMPLAINTS out of me!!

PS  I can make broccoli cheese soup from scratch too … the recipe is here.

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  1. Michelle G says:

    LUUUUVVVEEEE panera! We are getting ready to go on our family vacation (first one in 7 years) and I have pre-bought gift cards so that we'd be able to have FUN without a lot of cash needed.I have managed to rack up 80 dollars in Panera LOLNothing says FUN to me like those gift cards!! :)Glad it worked out. We used to own a restaurant and we REALLY did want to know when things went wrong because it was usually just an oversite and we DIDN'T want to lose business because of it! :)Good complaining!!!

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