I Don’t Home-School … BUT

I just might be attending this Conference for Christian Home Educators Fellowship (of Missouri) in St. Charles, MO.

I’m praying about an opportunity that was presented to me today … and IF I accept/am accepted, I will share more.  For now, PLEASE pray with me if I am supposed take a short term “job” that was offered to me.
You should check out the speakers & vendors that will be there:
If you like Vision Forum, DOUG PHILLIPS will be there!
(DISCLAIMER:  I don’t agree with ALL of Vision Forum’s material/Reformed Theology – but I can agree with their statement of faith.  They are an EXCELLENT, pure source of biblical material and information!!)
I’ve heard a lot about Voddie Baucham – and he’ll be there as well.
If you home-school, or even if you don’t, it would be AWESOME to go!!  There will be vendors who are all about HISTORY – and a speaker who is a lawyer who practices Constitutional Law – and so much more!!
If you live in or near St. Louis or even REMOTELY CLOSE and you care about Christian education and a Christian world view, you should CHECK IT OUT!!
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  1. Katja says:

    Hi Conny – thanks for stopping by at my little blog. Looking forward to be reading more from you! Katja

  2. melanie says:

    Oh, fun for you! 😀

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