The Month of LOVE

It’s almost FEBRUARY!!  It’s that traditional month of LOVE LOVE LOVE …
In the past, Valentine’s Day has been somewhat overlooked by me.  My husband and I aren’t big on mooshy-gooshy, expensive gifts, and he, in particular, thinks that giving in to commercialism because it is “expected” isn’t near as meaningful as giving a token at some other day when it isn’t expected.  Thankfully, I tend to agree, and I don’t have high hopes for chocolates and roses and jewelry on Valentine’s Day.   We occasionally exchange a card or do something small for each other – and I do usually try to make the day special for my children. 

The most meaningful Valentine’s Day for me personally was back in 2003.  A few days before my husband deployed to Iraq, we re-newed our wedding vows with an Army chaplain and a group of couples who also had a spouse deploying for the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom I.  We had just celebrated 10 years in December, so it seems especially appopriate.  Dan left for his pre-deployment training on February 20, 2003 – and he came home from Iraq on February 10, 2004.  He missed every holiday and birthday and anniversary with us for that whole year EXCEPT Valentine’s Day! 

As I count down to Valentine’s Day in 2011, I was inspired by The Excellent Wife book (pgs. 100-105) to do a mini study about LOVE – true love – biblical love.  Conveniently, in I Corinthians 13, there is a list of things that “love is…” – and they can be divided into 14 items!  February 1-14 = 14 Days of Valentine’s.

Now, I’m a sucker for a good count-down!  I think I started counting down to college graduation sometime during my Sophomore year!  Once Dan and I got engaged in September of 1992, I made a count-down/to-do list chart where I could mark off each day and task until the BIG DAY of our wedding in December.  Something about the organization and routine-ness of a countdown just thrills my simple mind!  🙂

On my blog – Lord willing – in the next 14 days, I will be counting down to Valentine’s Day!  See you on February 1st for “LOVE IS PATIENT”. 

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