February 9 – Love Does Not Think Evil

I Corinthians 13:5b, “…[Love] thinketh no evil:”

To me, this means not assigning evil motives to people, to give them the benefit of the doubt.  However, that is hard because it opens you up to disappointment because people don’t always do what is right or change an evil way.  I know God gives us the opportunity to change and improve over and over – and we should be an extension of His mercy to others.  Not giving in to evil thinking means we have to forgive and FORGET a lot, but again, we ourselves need to remember we need a lot of forgiveness too.  Being able to think GOOD of those we love allows us to move beyond the ugly thing and pray for a better future together. 
Martha Peace – who wrote The Excellent Wife – has an interesting view on this statement of love.  She says, “Love does not take into account a wrong suffered.”  This is shown by “not holding onto to … bitterness, by forgiving, by not bringing up the past … and by not replaying bitter thoughts to herself in her mind.  Catching herself and correcting her thoughts are a tremendous way to show love.  Rehearsing the offense suffered is unloving as it is ‘taking into account a wrong suffered’.”

Matthew Henry, Bible commentator, says, “[Love] cherishes no malice, nor give ways to revenge:  so some understand it.  It is not soon, nor long, angry.  It does not suspect evil of others.  It will hide faults that appear, instead of hunting and raking out those that lie covered and concealed.” 

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