It’s been all over the news that the Midwest has had its fair share of snow this month!  While our area in Missouri has not been as hard hit as some, we’ve had a crazy amount of snow (and ice) for our part of the country.  Our public school district has missed so many days due to the weather that they may not get a Spring Break.  Thankfully, our Christian school can kind of adapt its days because we do not offer bus transportation, but never the less, we’ve had six snow days since December … and we would have had more this week, but our teachers are gone to an educator’s conference so school was closed anyway.  My poor light weight car has been stuck at the bottom of our driveway since some time last week.  And I’ve developed a case of CABIN FEVER!!
With Dan gone to the conference, I finally have a vehicle again (his). 
Today we took advantage of the clear roads – and HIT THE ROAD.
Andrew has a fierce ear infection, so our first stop was the doctor – then the pharmacy – and THEN – because what else can make a 12 year old boy feel better – we met friends at Incredible Pizza (a Christian version of Chuck E. Cheese).
And then for us girls, some RETAIL THERAPY at Goodwill, Target, and the mall.
The best part of the mall is that there is a new kids’ area there – with foam rubber flooring and a slide just Miriam’s size!  (her first time to be on a slide!! awww!!!)


I’m thinking ALL THREE of my kids had a fun time 🙂

 This little kid in the red shirt is NOT mine … he insisted on being in my picture though.  He was quite a handfull … another mother caught him feeding her (very small!!) son some of his mother’s Starbuck’s drink!

 Can you just hear the squeals of joy as Miriam explored the big foamy, soft airplane and boats and cars to play in!!?

 But the favorite was still the slide! 

The kid in blue is also NOT mine … but also insisted on posing for my camera.  Lots of friendly kids here at the mall 😉 

Best of all, we got to enjoy some FREE and/or inexpensive treats.  I got to use Dan’s birthday FREE STARBUCKS card because he doesn’t drink coffee very often.  I had a coupon for a “Buy 1, Get 1” pretzel from Annie’s Pretzels.  YUM!! 

We got home around 9:30 p.m. – and there were 3 messages from my husband, getting kind of worried about us (we only have one cell phone, and he had it with him) … but I told him we were just having too much fun to come home!  Now, tomorrow – tomorrow, I’m back to being a HOME BODY … a VERY HAPPY home body!  🙂

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  1. Mrs. Doug says:

    Looks like an incredibly fun day. Children are just the best!Thankfully I haven't had to walk the driveway once this year (so far)! yea!!!Spring is comin'

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