My Scottish Lass

 Because of my German background, in the past, anything that has had an international theme in our lives has had to do with GERMANY.  For years, if our school’s “Spirit Week” included an international day, my kids dressed in a German outfit of some sort; if a dinner required international cuisine, we brought something German.  It is what I know; it is my comfort zone. 

THIS YEAR, as our Spirit Week kicks off with International Day on Monday (Feb 14), I was determined to be DIFFERENT, to stretch my horizons beyond the borders of Germany!!!  I racked my pea brain and perused our closets – and this is what I came up with:

 Anna is dressing up like a Scottish Highland Lass (complete with Scottie dog). 

She’s quite a sassy lassie, wouldn’t you say?!  Aye, lads, she be that.

(I stretched my borders beyond Europe for Andrew’s international outfit this year … I’ll share his pictures later).

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