Water, Water, Everywhere …

I’ve shared before that I really don’t LIKE drinking water.  I know it is important in so many ways … I’ve read about it, been lectured about it, and experienced that a hydrated body functions better than a dehydrated one.  And yet, I hate drinking water :(~  If I drink it first thing in the morning, it makes me feel sick; if I swallow a pill with it, I have a hard time making it go down; if I drink too much, I just feel like my belly is all sloshy … Excuses, excuses … but I just don’t like water.  :0)~

SO, this year I challenged myself to DRINK MORE WATER some how … maybe by adding lemons, maybe by pacing myself, maybe by buying a pretty water container to use.  Well, here we are in APRIL (? is it really APRIL already??!), and I have FINALLY gotten serious about this water thing.  It was step 1 in my “getting healthier” plan for 2011.  So, it’s only taken me 4 months to get here.  Step 2 may not be accomplished til July!!?  But this my own “no pressure, at-my-own-pace” program, so it’s ok. 

Here’s my new water-drinking program – a convenient 32-ounce water jug and packets of Advocare SPARK.  No, I’m not “advoca”ting or selling Spark or any Advocare products; I happen to get them from my friend whose sister is a (I wanted to say dealer?) distributor and gets me this stuff at cost.  Spark is a powdered energy drink.  DREW BREES endorses it … and hey, he’s a Super Bowl Champion … it’s gotta be good.

So, you put a scoop (or packet) of SPARK in 8 ounces of water – and you should be “good to go” for the rest of the day with energy-giving, focus-enhancing, all-natural supplements – and the secret, just a “spark” of caffeine (so take it early in the day). 

My take on it is to fill my jug (32 ounces) and use 1/2 a packet … and that’s all I need.  The SPARK comes in several flavors, and I’m using grape.  The slight grapey flavor helps the water go down – and I’m giving myself some added, steady energy.  🙂 

My next step is to start drinking a second 32 ounce water jug of PLAIN (or lemon) water to complete my required 8- 8 oz. of water/day requirement.  And yes, this is all that big of a deal for me to write an ENTIRE blog post about it.  This water stuff does not come easy for me … so I’ve really got to plan it out carefully. 

What’s next for me:  LOSE WEIGHT & EAT RIGHT.  But we’ll tackle that – well – maybe in July?!  😉  Actually, that’s an on-going process with me as I have recently gained back all my “baby weight” 😦  I had lost 22 lbs after having Miriam – and now it’s back & worse than ever 15 months after having her 😦  I fear my PCOS is back with a vengence, and with it comes “metabolic syndrome” and insulin resistence.  😦 

Any other water-drinking, healthy eating, hormone-helping tips for me as I attempt to become a healthier hausfrau? 

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  1. Following you back! 🙂 Love, Traci

  2. Hey there! Just found your blog… nice to connect with you! Visit me sometime?Love,Traci

  3. melanie says:

    My tip for your insulin issues: read _Mastering Leptin_ (I need to reread/follow their advice too)

  4. I am a fellow water hater. I do make myself drink it though. I find I can only drink it through a straw. For some reason it goes down better. I also give myself rewards for drinking it. Once I drink all of my water, I give myself a diet coke!

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