Family Fun

Blissfully Domestic requested an article on Family Field trips – and I gave it my best attempt to oblige as spending time with my family is one of my FAVORITE THINGS to do!!  🙂
This article was meant to run in March … but I guess it doesn’t matter that it just came out today.  Fun Family Field Trips.
My next assignment is going to be GOOD (not because I am writing it but because it is something I am looking forward to delving into)!!  It’s about Christians feeling the pressure to be PERFECT.  This is the story of my life … and I’m getting over it. 🙂
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3 Responses to Family Fun

  1. Sandra says:

    Boy do I hear ya on the Christians feeling the pressure to be perfect….story of my life as well.

  2. I can't wait until my little girls are big enough so family outings aren't so stressful!

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