Inquiring Minds …

If you have a moment, can you answer my questions? 

1.  Do you consider yourself a morning person, a night owl, both, or neither?  (talking about natural tendency, not what life/job/family requires you to be)

2.  Do you like books (to read, buy, collect, get at the library)?

3.  Are you known as being chronically late, always early, or right on time?

4.  Is your natural tendency to be introverted or extroverted?

5.  What are your favorite kind of blog posts:  lots of pictures?  lots of words?  a mix of both?  depends on time/mood?

6.  Do you consider yourself even-keel or moody? 

7.  Are you a very private person or is your life an open book?

8.  Would you rather talk on the phone or write a letter/email? 

9.  Would you rather be among a large crowd or just talk to 1-2 people/close friends?

I’d really appreciate your input … I have this theory & was just wondering if a few personality traits & preferences were connected …  🙂  I’ll share my results if I get enough participation!  🙂 

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6 Responses to Inquiring Minds …

  1. Mrs. Doug says:

    1. I am definately a morning person, but married to a night person. I'm gradually training him.2. I like books, but rarely have time to do much reading. You'd think we collect, but I'd much rather borrow from the library. We however have many books in our library too. Mostly "How-to" books.3. Sorta in between. If I didn't have to coordinate with others I'd probably always be early. Things happen, however, which are beyond my control sometimes.4. Introverted… it's an effort to reach out to others but it feels good to do that.5. pictures with lots of words… can't ya tell6. unless hormones have taken over… it's steady as she goes.7. I don't mind sharing my life with others… but not to excess or harm… or boredom (usually)8. writing is better… you get to review what you say before you say it :)9. I don't like large crowds at all. Guess I'm just a country girl. Big churches scare me and I hate shopping at Christmas… avoiding all Walmarts and malls.It'll be interesting how you incorp. all these responses.

  2. 1. Night person but hear lately I have been going to bed early.2. Love books & it depends. I haven't been to the library in over a year and I will borrow every once in a while so I guess I buy them.3.Conny don't be mad- I am early-HATE to be late & if on time that is still kind of late in my opinion. lol 🙂 Sorry!4.extoverted most of the time 5.Love them all when I have time to read them6.Right now I am a roller coaster(my first baby is getting ready to go to college in the Fall-do I need to say anything more?!)7. Ask me anything-open book8.Love to do it all9.Depends on the crowd lol

  3. 1. Once I am up, I am definitely a morning person, as long as I have coffee.2. Love, love, love books. Love to read. Would rather read than almost anything else!3. Anally early. I hate it. I try to be late but can't.4. Introvert. Painfully shy–often mistaken for snobby.5. I like a mixture!6. Moody, for sure!7. Open book–ask me anything!8. I hate to talk on the phone–it's almost a phobia. I avoid it whenever possible.9. One friend, definitely. I don't like crowds.

  4. melanie says:

    Okay, just deleted my half-done comment. Way too verbose.Here goes my attempt for 'concise'1. night owl in my younger days, but now I am older and wiser.. ha ha2. {::I LOVE BOOKS::}3. Will you guess if I plead the 5th?4. probably mostly extroverted (?)5. mix =)6. depends on diet and sleep – feed me sugar and deny me sleep and I can get u.g.l.y.7. Considering how 'TMI' my first reply was…8. Is there a Both option here? 9. I would probably be talking to just 1-2 friends in that large crowd =)How's that, Doc?

  5. 1. Morning2. yes3. early or right on time4. introverted5. mix of both but with more pictures than words6. even-keel7. private8. write9. 1-2 friends

  6. It is well says:

    1. Given the opportunity, I turn into something of a night owl…but I get more work done in the morning than at night.2.Love books! I shop for used ones mostly.3. On time usually.4.Introvert…and age only intensifies it.5.A mixture is good, but generally I like beautiful words better.6. Trick question! I try to keep my reactions to others on an even keel…inside, I might just be moody! :)7.very private..but once you're in, you're in for life!8. I don't like to talk on the phone…they may have invented texting just for me! 9.One friend, please! I once told my daughter I "didn't like people"…. She replied "Mom, you like people, you just like them one at a time!". She knows me well!Good luck with the research!

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