Stick ‘Em Up!

My son has a friend who has an arsenal of “air soft guns” … I never really heard of them until Andrew told me about them.  And who’d a thunk it that VISION FORUM sells them?!  In fact, the deal-of-the-day model today is similar to a World War II .45 handgun.  Because my son LOVES World War II history AND air soft guns, I’m seriously considering this purchase … 40% off today (for the next 3 hours!) … for a special occasion (like his 13th birthday in September).   This regularly priced $50 gun is $30 today! 

I know some people have “issues” with boys playing with guns … and we too have made “rules” about gun play (IE “don’t shoot to KILL your friend”), but being a former military family, it is just totally unavoidable to play with guns!  Particularly NERF ones!!!  🙂  I even like those!  🙂 

I’m also considering THIS BOOK for Andrew (though it isn’t on sale, but it is “only” $10):

Vision Forum is pleased to announce the publication of The Boy’s Guide to the Historical Adventures of G.A. Henty, by William Potter. An indispensable tool for the boy who loves heroes and histories. This 126-page guide is the perfect tool for the student of history and the lover of the greatest adventure literature of the nineteenth century.

The Boy’s Guide offers two unique features. First, it gives the history of the remarkable life of Henty, and the reason why Christian boys should read his adventure stories. Second, it gives the reader both a plot summary and an historical overview of each of the more than seventy works of historical fiction that flowed from the pen of a man whom Sword and Trowel named “the king of storytellers for boys.”

SO MUCH good stuff at Vision Forum … I love to browse & make mental wish lists …

New VF Website ad

(and yes, I’m an affiliate, but only because I think their products are SO awesome).


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2 Responses to Stick ‘Em Up!

  1. melanie says:

    Don't get the Boy's Guide without an actual Henty to read too! =)hmmm, which one/two to recommend??

  2. It is well says:

    Airsoft guns are loads of fun..but one caution. Always make sure he wears eye protection! An airsoft pellet will hurt if it hits you and leave a red mark for a little while(don't ask how I know this!)…but could be very damaging to an eye. We, too, chose to let our son play with guns WITH limits. One rule was if we caught the boys without eye protection, all guns were confiscated! Not all the parents we knew had the same rule, so we kept a couple of spare pairs of safety glasses/goggles on hand and made sure everyone wore them when playtime was at our house.And is he really going to be thirteen??! Makes sense, I guess, since mine is driving now!!

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