Easter Day 2011

In some ways, today did not feel like a special day…
It was gray and rainy outside.
The morning was rushed, trying to get everyone dressed, trying to bake a ham to take to the church potluck.
I missed singing the Easter hymns, hearing the special music (Dan sang in an ensemble), and the Easter sermon because I was helping in the nursery during the morning service…
By the time we got home in the afternoon, I was exhausted and totally forgot I wanted to get pictures of the children in their Easter outfits!
I did catch barefoot Miriam and relaxed Anna, my lovely girls.

But in the end, it doesn’t matter that I didn’t celebrate Easter in a special way today …

JESUS is RISEN, and we can celebrate that ANY DAY, ANY TIME, ANYWAY.  

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3 Responses to Easter Day 2011

  1. Laura L. says:

    Just happened by, via Diary of a Stay at Home Mom's blog. I just had to leave a comment because it makes me smile that I found someone else who didn't really get the photos desired, of children in Easter outfits. That's what happened to me and I was kind of down about it for a little bit. It just wasn't my ideal for Easter photos. Oh well, it wasn't what was important that day anyway. :)Pretty girls in your photos! Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Amen! I love Easter, but really, we celebrate the resurrection every day! You have some beautiful girls!

  3. Mrs. Doug says:

    We had an interesting Easter too. Had sunrise service at 7am with a huge breakfast at church. I had worked all Saturday getting 2 weeks of laundry caught up and making bread because Mr. D will be at a Bible conference Mon – Thurs and need to take his own food due to his diet. Then I made cinnamon roll and scones for the breakfast on Sunday. My Sunday school class was wound up…. whoever said candy and sweets doesn't change a child's behavior needs to reexamine their reasoning. Whew! When I sat down for the morning service it felt so good. We came home and had a good lunch of chicken and fresh parsnips from the garden. The weather had turned warm and sunny… guess we're getting your rain today. I finished the laundry and got everything ready for Mr. D for his trip and fell into bed at 9pm.It was busy, but there are signs of spring at our house and that was soooo encouraging. On Saturday we woke up to a thick cover of snow. 2 inches of new snow which is ALL GONE now.I love your little beauties. They look so pretty in their Easter dresses. Hope you have a chance to rest up today.God Bless,Mrs. D

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