Crafty Things – #1

While I have been busier in the last 2 weeks than I have been in a long, long time with working in the school cafeteria and all the school-year-end programs as well as life as usual, I have carved out a few moments to do some fun things along the way.  While all the busy-ness of a long day of working and taking care of Miriam (she requires so much supervision these days as she is into EVERYTHING), I usually am too keyed up to go to sleep right away at night, although you’d think I’d be totally exhausted (and generally I am … the next morning).  But this is how I cope.  When everyone is finally asleep, it is MY TIME.  🙂  I have recently found a few projects that seemed easy enough for even me!! 

 So, Friday our school had a Teacher Appreciation lunch, and as “substitute lunch lady,” I had to get it all set up (my privilege – I volunteered!  Plus I got to taste test some of the food brought in by parents!).  I was asked to get some decorations and some table accessories … and me, being the over-achiever that I am, decided I wanted BANNERS because BANNERS are THE thing right now, so I’m thinking anyway … at least that’s what I’m seeing in blogs that I read.  I forgot that I really am NOT a crafty person, but I like to make valiant attempts. I found some cute scrapbook paper that could be masculine yet feminine to suit both our male and female teachers. 

Its all on the internet how to get perfect triangle “flags” cut and strung on a ribbon.   If I were a real scrapbooker with real scrapbooking equipment, I would have cut out cute stencil letters in coordinating scrapbook paper, but being the amateur that I am – and being it was getting to be 1 a.m. as I cut the last “flag,” I just used metallic markers and a black sharpie and my best high-school calligraphy to write “Thank You” and to give each teacher his or her own “flag”. 

In the end, apparently, the overwhelming amount of food that came in for our teachers covered 2 1/2 tables … and my trite banners were probably totally overlooked.  When I asked my husband if he liked them, he said, “What banners?” … Oh well, an artist is seldom appreciated in his or her own time.  😉  I had fun making them anyway …

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  1. melanie says:

    "What banners?" Oh dear =) They look great to me!

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