It’s been a busy couple of weeks as our school year is slowly coming to a close. 
There isn’t much relief in sight as there are numerous activities and programs yet to come before school ends on May 27.  Not to mention, many students seem to have end-of-year-itis …
My fervant prayer these days is that our faculty, the students, and their parents will hang in there and finish the school year well.
In the midst of all the busy-ness and full calendar schedule, the quiet moments seem even more precious.  Just yesterday, as we were getting out of the car after my daily stint as substitute lunch lady, Miriam was running around the yard as I unloaded my things.  Since it was a gorgeous day, and I didn’t have to be anywhere else for another 2 hours, I just let her play … and she had the best time just looking at the rocks in our driveway and along the sidewalk.

 Miriam found a little perch on the “step” along our front porch – in the shade – and stacked her rocks, moved them from pile to another, and shared them with me.  We sat together, just relishing some down time, some moments with no obligations … talking about rocks, birds, and pretty flowers.  I am thankful for the reminder to slow down to enjoy this curious, busy 16 month old girl who is fascinated by the little things such as rocks.

Would you like one?

(PS  Above is the last picture I’ll ever have of this cute, clean cupcake tshirt … Miriam got a hold of my self-inking return-label stamp & stamped her shirt numerous times before I found her.  Wonder what would happen if I stuck her in the mailbox?!!). 🙂
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  1. Mrs. Freida says:

    Oh! this is so precious! My little girls just loved rocks. No matter where we were I always found them picking up rocks. Lots of trips we ended up bringing home a collection of all kinds rocks!!! Thank you for that sweet reminder!

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