One Step Closer!

 Today my daughter’s class had their official Science Fair. Unfortunately, we somewhat lost heart in the project over the weekend, but we managed to squeak out a display that at least met the criteria.  There were some REALLY creative ideas out there … unfortunately, ours wasn’t among them.  I am not a science-y person, and I am just glad we finished.  on time.  without killing each other. 

I did help my daughter somewhat and really struggled with how much to do for her.  At one point, I was typing up her required information, and Anna said, “Don’t use so many big words!”  That’s when I realized I should not, could not do the project FOR HER.  She had NO IDEA what “retention” meant nor would she ever use the word “consolidated” … only I would!   And so I let her tell me in her words what she wanted to say, and I just barely tweaked it a little bit. 

Maybe my lack of enthusiasm for science fairs in general came from my own experience in – I think – 7th grade.  We too had to do a science project … and after much brain racking, my mother finally conceded that I could buy 2 parakeets for my project!   I was to teach one to say “Hello” in German and one to say “Hello” in English.  We would see if one would speak before the other or more distinguishably.(Yes, parakeets do have the ability to speak … although most DO NOT.)

I spent countless hours over the next few weeks talking to my birds.  Over and over and over:  “Hello, Tweety … Hello, Tweety … Hello Tweety …”  And to my “German” bird:  “Guten Tag, Nicki … Guten Tag, Nicki … Guten Tag, Nicki …”  I finally got wise and spoke onto a cassette tape and let the recorder run for several hours a day. 

(On a side note, because of the report I had to include with my project, I had to write the word REPETITION so many times that I will always and forever know how to spell it correctly and quickly!!)

In the end, neither bird spoke … but I won 1st place in the animal category of the Science Fair for my efforts!  I even took my bird project to the state fair, where I think I received 3rd place!  Tweety and Nicki lived with us a few more years … but I never spoke to them again.   This may also explain my lack of interest in!

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2 Responses to One Step Closer!

  1. melanie says:

    Being an encouraging-but-not-too-helpful parent is tough, yah? Funny story about your parakeets. I did my jr. high science fair project on sickle cell anemia. Exciting, yes? No.

  2. Lorie says:

    This is so funny. I'm glad you are done with the science fair. School projects are so hard on the parents. lolThe parakeets were a great idea! I used my science fair as an excuse to get 3 hamsters. We ended up with 13. I was not as clever as I thought.

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