School’s Out!!

The long awaited LAST DAY OF SCHOOL has finally come!  I am not sure who is happier:  my kids, me, or my husband!!?  🙂  Each school year holds its unique challenges, and there are always new circumstances and situations that crop up that one could never imagine happening.  I think every school administrator could write a novel about the variety of people they deal with each school year!!  Overall, we’ve had a successful school year – with God’s ever-present help and faithfulness – and the good faculty that He has given us.  Personally, our children have enjoyed their teachers and classes and have had a good year as evidenced by the awards they received today.

In the picture below Dan is helping to hand out the 5th grade awards today – Anna is leaving the stage (red polo shirt) after receiving certificates for All A Honor Roll, Top Bible Student, and Top Spelling Student for her class.  I am SO thankful she not only enjoys school, but so far, learning has come easy for her.  She studies a little, but she is just a natural speller and memorizer of facts.  She does not take after me … or her dad. 😉

Andrew made the B Average Honor Roll; not bad for his first year of Junior High!  He squeaked out his Science and Language grades; but praise the Lord, he did well!!  He also was one of two tied for top History grade in 7th/8th grades. 

I now have a 6th grader and an 8th grader!! 

 … and a 17 month old!  🙂 

I hope the summer will be a time of refreshing for our family.  While Dan still has to go in early each day to open the doors by 7 a.m. for our Summer School program, he will hopefully be able to come home a little earlier most afternoons.
I have canceled piano lessons for the summer – against musical advice as the kids tend to forget a lot over the summer – but considering I totally FORGOT to take my kids to piano lessons yesterday, I think we all need a break!
I haven’t signed my kids up for any sports this summer, and I am not babysitting like I did last year, at least not on a regular schedule.
Me and my homebody kids are looking forward to just doing a lot of resting, playing, and enjoying not being so busy … Hopefully we’ll have a lot more meals around our table as a family at night.  I am praying for a season of rest … with a lot more play time, frivolous time, quiet time, time for friends, and time for this:

 … and this: 

School’s Out!
Summer’s In!
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