One of the Best Days of the Year

Since Monday was a holiday, really, technically, today was our first day of summer break.  We have 12 weeks of NO SCHOOL yet ahead of us!
And what a perfect day it was … the temps in the mid-80s – not too hot, not cold.
Andrew went to school to help his dad open the first day of Summer School, so the girls and I had a day for just ourselves.
It merited a trip to the park – Miriam’s first real trip as a “big girl” toddler.

 Our park caters to Miriam’s current obsession with ROCKS!  In fact, she spent more time shifting through the rocks than playing on the playground equipment.

 After trying it out though, Miriam did like going down the slide … even getting bold enough to try it on her own.  She looks SO BIG here! 

 Anna had a pretty good time too … I love that she still calls to me, “Watch me, Mom!”   I’m glad that she isn’t growing up TOO fast … even though yesterday we did clean out her room, and she let go of a lot of her little girl toys.

 After the playground, we took a trip to our local Good Samaritan Resource Center that sells used items to help its women’s shelter.  We had another 4 or 5 boxes of STUFF to donate along with 2 bags of stuffed animals that have been taking up space in Anna’s closet for a few years now.  We still have MORE to clean out … some day I need to tackle our GARAGE but I’m thinking I’ll need some reinforcements when I do. 

What a wonderful start to the summer break … looking forward to many more days with all my precious kiddos! 

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great first day of summer vacation! Miriam is getting so big! We still have 9 days of school to finish up, but I'm glad there is no pressure and I can take all summer to finish them if we want. 🙂

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