An Interview with Marla Taviano

Previously I mentioned that Marla Taviano has written a new eBook for husbands (and wives).  This eBook that was released yesterday is available for $4.99 … or you can WIN A FREE COPY from me by commenting on my previous post!! 

Check out The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky.  I think you will find that Marla has attempted to write a candid book based on godly principles – reflecting her heart for marriage – seasoned with her humor.  I would like to introduce you to Marla Taviano by sharing an interview I conducted with her via email (my questions are obviously in blue):

1. You’ve got such a heart for marriage, family, and pregnant woman (as evidenced by your recent involvement with pregnancy center in Haiti- is that right?). Is this just something that has always been your interest/burden OR have you seen families/couples/women over the years who need help and prayers?? In other words, what has inspired you to want to help in these areas and write about them?
Wow, great questions. Yeah, I don’t know that I always had a heart for women. In fact, I know I didn’t. In college, I hung out with guys a lot of the time, because girls got on my nerves. Isn’t that awful? Then somewhere along the line, God just started giving me a love for women and a desire to help them see their value in him. And it’s kind of just grown and grown, and my heart has gotten bigger and bigger. And God in his awesomeness has really blessed me with some amazing opportunities in recent months. My friends and blog readers have donated over 550 copies of my book, Expecting, to crisis pregnancy centers, and 50+ of us have been praying for pregnant women in Haiti (through Heartline ministries). And I’m up for whatever God brings my way next.

2. Personally, I think you relate so well to us “ordinary women” and to those of us who just want to be REAL, especially in our Christian walk. For me, it has been a journey, a series of events that have brought me to this kind of heart and desire. How about you? What life events or experiences have made you be able to relate to us ordinary folk? 🙂

I used to be jealous when I’d hear missionaries share crazy adventure stories of their lives in foreign lands. Or former prostitutes/drug addicts who God rescued in a miraculous way. My life was flat out BORING. I grew up in a Christian home, accepted Christ at an early age, and lived a good girl life in the Midwest with absolutely no adventure. It took me quite awhile to realize that God wanted to use my boring for his glory. And wouldn’t you know it? Ever since then, he’s taken me to foreign lands (and 52 zoos) with lots of adventure on the horizon. As for being real, yeah, I don’t know that I have a choice. Being someone I’m not takes entirely too much energy. That’s part of what I love to do–convince women that they are beautiful and valuable JUST AS THEY ARE.

3. I know you’ve done surveys and such for your new eBook … What other “research” do you do when you write a book – or especially for this book? Just life experience, the Bible (obviously!), classes taken in the past, sermon notes, etc????? In other words, what lends credibility to your books and writing? Opinions, experience, studying, interaction with others?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Life experience, informal surveys, Scripture, and other books on my topic make up the bulk of my research. I actually did the least amount of research for this book than for any of my others. I basically just took all I’ve learned/written about sex and marriage already and applied it to the guys instead of their wives.

4. This eBook is really for the men, right? However, do you think the wives should read it too? Why?

Yes, this book is for men. The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky. But I absolutely think the wives should read it. And I think they’ll be too curious not to. I’m all about reading each other’s stuff to get a broader understanding of the opposite sex.

THANK YOU, Marla, for taking time to “talk” to me and for sharing your heart with my readers.  I will be praying for you …

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