My Most Discreet Post Ever – and a Give Away!

I will begin this post by confession that I am very prude … If you are even more prude than me and reading about marital — ummmmmmmmmmmm – “relations” makes you uncomfortable or is against your own convictions, STOP READING.  I do NOT want to offend anyone!  However, after seeing so many of my friends and family recently go through marital problems and nearing divorce, I have such a burden for marriage … and part of marriage happens to be —- ummmmmmmmmmm —- “being intimate.”  A very important, and yes, a sacred and private part. 

Well, for those who are looking for a little help, a little encouragement in this —- ahhh — “department,” I would like to re-introduce you to Marla Taviano.  I first “met” her when her books were recommended to me.  I started with this book:

And then I started reading Marla’s blog.  Marla has a heart for women, marriage, and pregnant women.  She has used her blog not only to connect with her readers, but also as a catalyst to get Christian pregnancy information to unwed mothers and pregnancy crisis centers and most recently has begun a “prayer doula” group for pregnant girls at a center in Haiti.

  After I got pregnant in 2009 – and I reviewed and used this book by Marla:

I have found all of Marla’s writings to be not only real and very open but also written with a heart to know God, founded in biblical principles and full of Bible verses. 

Marla also has a heart for missions and the lost world.  She and her husband Gabe want to go on a missions trip to Cambodia with their 3 precious girls … and so, combining her love for writing about marriage with her desire to go to Cambodia, she has written an eBook which was released on Wednesday (June 15).   This book is written to husbands but is really for couples.  In my next post I will share an interview I was able to conduct with Marla via email. 

I have already skimmed Marla’s ebook out of curiosity and do plan to share it with my husband soon when he has time to really focus on reading it (which I’m sure won’t be hard to convince him to do, considering the —- well — “subject matter”).

Want to find out more about this NEW eBook by Marla Taviano??  Please go check out the website The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky.  You can get the book in PDF form for your computer, or if you have the fancy reading gadgets, it is also available for the Nook and Kindle … and even the iPad.  The eBook is $4.99 and proceeds will help Marla and her family get to Cambodia … the other benefit may just be for your marriage!!  *wink*

Marla has graciously allowed me to GIVE AWAY a FREE copy of her eBook to one of my blog followers.  Are you interested in reading this book and sharing it with your husband??  If so, please leave a comment – just a simple statement that you’d like to be entered in the give-away.  I will pick one winner some time on Sunday, June 20 (Happy Father’s Day to you and your man!).

Phew, this is the most difficult post I’ve written in a while … I’ve really tried to be discreet and not mention — ummm – “you know what” because like I said, I’m prude.  But I think you get the message.

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  1. Renee says:

    i'd like to be entered.ReneeSuz82(at)

  2. You did a great job! I don't think I could've even attempted to write on this topic! I would like to be entered!

  3. Oh Conny! I know how hard this was for you to post but I have to say it made me lol just a little. 🙂 You should have had me write the post for you! 🙂

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