The HausMAN

While my husband and oldest daughter are at camp this week, I’ve enjoyed spending some “quality time” with my son, Andrew.
Andrew and I are a lot alike.  We get frustrated easily because we have high expectations and like things “just so” – except Andrew is already learning from his dad to let things go and to not have outbursts when things don’t go as expected.  I’m still working on those traits!  🙂  Andrew also likes things to be neat and organized; like me as a kid, he cleans and re-arranges his room often.  He is also a GREAT big brother and has helped me SO MUCH with Miriam this week.   Andrew likes to help his mom out and senses when I need a few moments alone or am starting to stress out.  He is a very kind young man, and I attribute a lot of that to his dad’s influence … While I can’t quite fathom having a TEENAGER soon (Andrew turns 13 in 2 months!), I am looking forward to seeing what the Lord as in store for our boy.  🙂 
On Monday Andrew and I determined to clean our house thoroughly!  I putter around and try to organize and clean – but with Miriam being SO BUSY these days, I really needed the help.

 We started in the living room, and Andrew helped me move all the furniture aside, take apart the couches for a good cleaning, and take down window treatments for washing.  Andrew even dusted his dad’s bookcases, which is a huge job in and of itself!

We had some fun along the way, building a fort out of couch cushions:
And burying Andrew inside of it!
With all of Dan’s bookcases in our living room, we really don’t have a lot of options for furniture placement, but we did move things around slightly.   We made a little “reading nook” with the rocking chair I got when I was pregnant with Andrew (12+ years ago!).
Miriam approves, I think!
The next day, we tackled the dining room.
(ASIDE:  I’m not liking that leafy-ivy thing coming down the side of my china hutch, are you?!   I’m thinking it’s gotta go!)
Next was the kitchen – complete with wiping down appliances and taking the stove apart to scrub it:

 And then we cleaned the refridgerator and freezer:

It hasn’t been all work and no play though … We have managed to go out for dinner one night, and today after Andrew’s school physical we plan to head to Springfield for some fun in the BIG CITY.  🙂 

Tomorrow Dan & Anna return!!  I’ve missed them SO MUCH this week but am SO thankful for this week with Andrew … and Miriam. 

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  1. melanie says:

    Wow, Conny, you both are amazing! And you are very blessed to own that young man Andrew as your son. Well done! Enjoy your day in Springfield & tomorrow's homecoming ♥ (The TN tee looks great on him too – even looks like cyclone colors ;-))Oh, before I forget to tell you… I heard someone say "COOL BEANS" today! ha ha

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