MiMi Speaks Again

When Miriam was a little baby, I had a silly little feature on my blog where I wrote blog posts in her voice, segments that I called “MiMi Speaks”.
Now that Miss M is over 19 months old, she pretty much speaks for herself!  She is a very verbal child, and I am amazed at how much she is “talking” already.
For example, Miriam can say or sing the alphabet (almost); she can count to 10 (not always in order); and she knows the words to many songs such as Away in a Manger, All the Pretty Ponies (a lullaby), and Twinkle, Twinkle … and her new favorite
EI-EI-O to name a few.
Her daddy has taught her to sing,
“I love you … I love you …
That’s what Calvary says.
I love you … I love you …
I love you,
Written in red.” 
It’s an odd choice for a kids’ song – but it has somehow come about after Miriam learned to say “I love you” coinciding with the song Dan was singing with the church choir.  It is precious to hear Miriam sing and say the words that she has no idea yet can completely change her life some day if she believes them.
Miriam occasionally comes up with phrases – most are a variation of the very first sentence she ever said, which was “No, no, stop it.”
She has now added, “Don’t do that.”  and “No, no, baby.” and most recently simply, “No way.”  Apparently she enjoys bossing people around …
She has also learned that most people – and some animals – have names.  The cats get a little confusing as we have Cinder, Ella, and Jack – and they are all black, though of various sizes and locations (Jack is only ever outside; C&E are supposed to stay inside).  Penny is the dog; that’s easier.
She knows Ma-ma, Daddy, An-droo, Anna, and Mir-yum.  Apparently she likes the boys too and some of her favorites from church are Jon and Luke – and she has recently been requesting to see their pictures in the yearbooks we have at home.  Gonna have to watch this girl!! 
Foods is fun any more … and Miriam can request juice (jew-is), milk, coo-kie, cwacker, ball (otherwise known as an orange), apple, banana, etc.  BUT recently we have been enjoying a variety of ICE CREAM to include ice cream sandwiches!  Though she can’t say the word yet, she sure can say, “YUMMY!!!”

 And when she’s all done eating her ice cream, she also knows exactly what I mean when I say, “Bath!”

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  1. Aww! She is getting so big and talking a LOT! Sounds like she talks almost as much as my 2 1/2 year old! I remember that my daughter was talking a lot before her 2nd birthday too. Funny how different kids progress at different ages.

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