Jesus Loves the Little Children

If you are a mom … or even just a person with a heart for children and people and God … there surely is that place deep inside you that cries out when it knows a child or a baby is hurting – a voice that calls up to God to beg His mercy for the little ones who are sick or abused or lost. 

Since I’ve become a mother, I can no longer watch commercials for “Feed the Children” or look at too much material from St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, for which our school does a fundraiser, alternating with the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.  I absolutely can not imagine what having a terminally ill child would be like, and while I know God doesn’t give you grace until you need it sometimes, I still just have this fear or dread of cancers and disease and death.  While I know God’s grace personally because God gave it to me during one of my darkest times when I miscarried our baby at 8 weeks gestation many years ago, I’ve been fortunate to have 3 healthy children, Miriam being the healthiest by far – and I don’t take that for granted because I know it can change at any moment and I know I have done nothing to deserve 3 children who are overall whole and well. 

Today my heart has been heavy for 2 reasons … one being a prayer request I want to share with all my friends who are Christians.  A couple from our church had their baby today – a baby girl who was born weighing 7 lbs (exactly what Miriam weighed at birth) and with good vital signs … but who has spina bifida and who has already had a long surgery today and faces another one on Friday to have a stunt (?) placed in her brain to relieve the fluid that is in her precious, perfect head.  While I don’t know this couple very closely, they are people I see pretty much every Sunday and Wednesday – I know their other 3 children from working in the nursery and our Wednesday night children’s club.  I enjoy listening to them sing special music as their whole family is very gifted in this area. 

Please pray for baby Lilah … and her parents, grandparents, and all those who love her and hope that she will grow up to be a healthy, happy child.  There are a myriad of ways her recovery could go – from having no complications to being developmentally or physically delayed.  God Himself only knows what the future holds … but He knows best.

Secondly, this weekend my father-in-law petitioned me to read the book that has been a recent sensation:

Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back
Honestly, though I’ve heard amazing things about this book, I was not going to read yet another “fad, Christian” book just because every preacher on TV was recommending it and the family had been on Oprah … However, when my burly, somewhat grouchy father-in-law told me he had read the book TWICE and bought 2 copies of it, as well as sent a copy to a waitress he encountered who had fallen into a discussion with him about heaven, God, and was it all really real, I knew I had to read the book.  He gave me one of his copies -and today, I read the entire book in just a hour or two. 
This book starts out with the story of the little boy, who the story revolves around, being very, very ill … and my stomach and heart churned as I followed along what all his parents had to do to care for him, wondering all along what if it were MY CHILD … would God’s grace be sufficient for me to go through something like this?  Me, who has a horrible, terrible case of emetophobia and whose blood pressure rises astronomically whenever I even see a sign for a hospital – who stood by helpless and clueless even just this weekend when my son temporarily blacked out from heat exhaustion?!  Of course, HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT – when I’m weak, HE is strong … but not even that was the point as I kept reading this boy’s amazing story.  I am still processing what I read … and if you’ve read the book, maybe you can share with me what you thought … but I’m inclined to believe this boy’s story is FOR REAL.  And even if it isn’t, then at least the Gospel is being shared by this boy’s preacher-father because it is very, very clearly given. 
And so, tonight, I will try to calm my heart and head and try to sleep … after all, I do know without a shadow of a doubt that GOD IS REAL … I know Him personally even though *I* have never seen Him – I’m learning each day to trust Him more – and I know He will be in total control as I relinquish my limited human understanding about the consequences of sin on this earth, the resulting suffering, and little, innocent children who have to go through horrible illnesses and disease.  My final prayer tonight will be for baby Lilah and then thankfulness for my own children – and God’s goodness to BOTH of our families in very different circumstances. 
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3 Responses to Jesus Loves the Little Children

  1. Praying for baby Lilah!!And I read "Heaven is for Real"! Excellent book!! Our grief share group read it! Even the Boy read it-I had to buy it for him!!

  2. Sara H says:

    Oh, I'm the same way since becoming a mom. I can't even watch the news anymore. I will definitely be praying for this little baby & the family. It's so difficult to watch your child hooked up to the tubes, waiting for surgery, not knowing the outcome. It's difficult to be a sibling and wonder what's going on.Sara

  3. Lorie says:

    Praying for that precious baby. I am like you, can't watch any of those hurting children stories since becoming a mom.Thanks for the review of the book. I have been avoiding it for the reasons you mentioned plus some others. I'm glad to hear that the gospel is shared in it. I may just read it now if I get my hands on a copy.

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