Visiting the Past

150 years ago – August 10,1861 – the Battle of Wilson’s Creek was fought near what is now Republic/Springfield, Missouri. 
This battle was called the “Bull Run of the West” – the first Union General died here –
it was a significant battle, and yet, few have heard of it, it seems
(me included until I moved about 80 miles away!).

I wonder if it was as hot then as it was the day the 150th anniversary was celebrated last weekend – and that was even “cooler” temps than it had been the week prior!
Men, wearing wool coats – women wearing up to 7 layers of clothing (including their bloomers, underskirts, and hoop) – we caught a glimpse of what it was like at the reenactment of the battle on
Friday, August 12, 2011.
As the reenactors showed us what the battle was like, we watched, fascinated – and cheered just a little (can’t tell you what side because we are somewhat a house divided as Dan is from Iowa & I’m from Tennessee!) …
Miriam just liked seeing all the “horsey”s – and Anna enjoyed the fancy dresses until she decided it was just too hot – and Andrew, well, apparently, he was a little dehydrated and at the very end, he blacked out for a few seconds; and we needed to get him water and an ice pack, which I happened to have handy for keeping Miriam’s milk cold.
Although he and Dan enjoyed “the battle” the most of all of us before that little incident.

 While I enjoyed the reenactment and the quaint little “shops” and mercantiles, my favorite part of the day was meeting Melanie and her family!!  Melanie and I have been bloggy friends for probably about 2+ years (?) now … before Miriam was born anyway … and we’ve found a lot in common:
she’s a farmer’s wife and I’m a city slicker forced to live far from civilization (ha!);
she home schools and I send my kids to Christian school;
she has 6 kids and I have 3;
she is a good from-scratch baker and cook and I’m just trying to figure
out the basics;
she cheers for the Cyclones and I cheer for the Hawkeyes for my husband’s sake …
but SERIOUSLY, because of THE LORD we really DO have a lot in common!!!  🙂 

It was Melanie who told me about the reenactment as her husband found out about the anniversary of Wilson’s Creek first … and since my boys like history, we decided we’d like to come too!  It was great to meet Melanie and her family … and she found out that I truly, really, honestly am NOT an axe-murderer … 😉  

We wimped out of the battle in the early afternoon and hit a few of the (air conditioned) book and thrift stores in Springfield and Chick-Fil-A (of course!!) and then drove on to Dan’s parents’ house where we have left our 2 oldest kids for the week.  I miss them TERRIBLY – and can’t wait to get them back on Friday or Saturday of this week just in time to start getting them ready for school to start on August 25. 😦  I will miss them even more once they are gone EVERY SINGLE WEEK DAY coming up.   

Melanie’s family had many more adventures at the actual battlefield, which was down the road from the reenactment, and while on their Miss-our-ah vacation, which you can read about as well.  Those PEACHES from Osceola look YUMMYYYYYY – I may just have to take another ROAD TRIP soon …

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3 Responses to Visiting the Past

  1. Mrs. Doug says:

    I'm jealous, Melanie. OK, not really… history is interesting and all, but probably the heat would have driven me away. I think, Connie, that your family should plan a trip to the northeast. Talk about history… we got all that and lots more.I know it's a long way from Missouri. Maybe by the time you decide to do it we'll have the place put back together enough to have some company over. 🙂

  2. Yay for being able to meet your bloggy friends! When are you coming out to WA? :)The battlefield looks like something my hubby would love to see.

  3. melanie says:

    :DI like your pics without any 'modern' spectators cluttering the view ;-)Really, really thankful you are NOT an axe-murderer! .whew.~ Looking forward to planning our next rendevous ~

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