Fall Fashions

Miriam will be 20 months old on Monday … she’s inching closer and closer to age 2!  The “terrific” two’s!  With my older two children, I found the three’s were way more challenging than the two’s – with Miriam, we’ll just have to see.  I can’t wait … and yet …
I don’t want my baby to grow up too fast.
One advantage of my baby girl growing is NEW CLOTHES!!  Since I’m no fashionista myself, I enjoy dressing up my girls (well, letting Anna dress herself up; she coordinates outfits so much better than I ever could).
Today I dug out the next rubbermaid tub I have of hand-me-downs and Goodwill/clearance clothes I’ve been collecting the last year.  When I’m buying these things or being given them, I always think they are just SOOOOOOOO BIG – and then suddenly, here we are – they FIT!
This post is mainly for my memory sake – but I thought I’d share some of my FAVORITE things I came across today:
THIS SWEATER (below)!!!!  It’s from Target (clearanced not once but twice – woo hoo – I bought it last Spring) …
LOVE IT; in fact, I’d love to have this sweater in MY SIZE.

 This cute green and pink dress (with matching bloomers) is also Target clearance.  It is size 24 months, so I’m hopeful Miriam will be able to wear it before it gets too cold.

 I hit up the Walmart clearance as well and got this sundress from there:

 These 2 little Carter’s dresses have a magic barb attached to the shoulder which means they are from our local Goodwill … $1 each.  Can’t beat that … and cute as well:

 The little onesie below is also from Goodwill … It cracked me up:  “A good daddy is hard to find (but the couch is a good place to start looking)” … hee hee!!! 

 “Smile if you think I’m cute”: 

 And yet another fun tshirt – “Forever Daddy’s Girl”:

There were a lot more clothes than I remembered.  I always just stuff whatever pieces of clothes I pick up on our Goodwill trips or clearance finds into my rubbermaid container and kind of forget about them … so I was pleasantly surprised that there are plenty of clothes to get us through the fall and into the winter – way more than I could ever take pictures of!

It seems a little crazy to wrap my head around, but now I’m working on filling up my 3T and beyond container.  I know it isn’t just my excellent bargain hunting that gets my kids clothed … I really have no method to my madness and just grab whatever is inexpensive, cute, or needed … but GOD provides – what we need … and sometimes really cute sweaters too!  🙂 

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  1. melanie says:

    It's all very cute and fun~ Perfect for a cute and fun girl! =)

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