Tomorrow (OK, it’s after midnight – so today – Thursday) is the first day of school for my older 2 children.  Andrew will be starting 8th grade, and Anna will be going into 6th grade.  It truly does seem like they were off to kindergarten just yesterday, and yet so much has changed and happened since then.  I spent many years working in our church and school’s office, and then – SURPRISE – I had a baby 20 months ago, and I got to go back home!  For me, the ultimate home body, this has been the biggest blessing ever.  I appreciate my simple, stay-at-home life so much more now – even though sometimes it seems like we get so busy that I am NOT at home as much as I’d like.  I love the flexibility I have right now – I still work a few hours a week for our church and sometimes the school (mostly accounting, but a few other tasks like ordering textbooks); but I generally get to choose when I want to go in to work or drop things off – and the rest I can do from home, in the evenings and late at night when I am at my most productive.  🙂  

 Anyway, back to school:  for whatever reasons, just being honest, I am NOT looking forward to school starting.  Somehow this day has just kind of snuck up on me – and I wasn’t ready.  I still had things I wanted to do – I feel like we really didn’t get a true vacation or restful, peaceful family time this summer (that being our own choice as during our “week off” we had a 3 day working vacation at a home school conference and then went on an ill-fated trip to a wedding in Oklahoma where not only did we have to buy 4 new tires for our car – but later had to abandon it there for 3 weeks for a transmission rebuild!) – and I just am sad in general to let my big kids go back to school when they were such a help and so much entertainment for me (and Miriam) at home!   So, tonight I’m having myself a little pit party … and then I’ll get over it, adjust my attitude, and move on.  “Adapt and Overcome”, as my husband likes to recall a saying from his Army days!  🙂

Andrew & Anna – however – are TOTALLY excited.  This school is practically home to them as their dad and I have worked there for over 7 years now … and they have grown up here.  The school supplies have been labeled with their names and are already waiting for them in their lockers – the uniforms are laid out, ready to wear – and in the morning, all they need is their lunch boxes.  While my kids occasionally question why they can’t be homeschooled – and no doubt after several mornings of 6 a.m. wake-up calls, it will come up again – they are totally at ease at school; they know their teachers & many of their classmates.  This school has been a huge part of their lives … and I’m sure they can’t imagine it any other way.  I’m thankful for that as I know what it is to move and be “the new kid” at a new school … but then again, those experiences had their purpose in my life, too.  Everything that touches our lives has a reason.  There is a reason we are here at this school today … and I’m sure in a few days I will realize that it was good and necessary for this school year to start up again – I will get back into the familiar, busy routine … but for tonight, just for a few minutes, I’m going to be sad that SUMMER VACATION IS OVER.

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