It Has Begun

 After a minor morning crisis, our 2 big kids (and my husband) were off for the 1st day of school.  Anna almost had to go shoeless – ha – not really – but the tennis shoes we had been planning for her to wear suddenly DID NOT FIT!  They were too tight, and we were afraid her feet would hurt all day.  SO, I looked in my closet and found a pair of 5 year old tennis shoes of mine that she could wear … which made me realize how seldom I really wear tennis shoes as they were in almost-new condition!  The other shocking thing to note was that MY shoes almost fit my daughter perfectly!!  :-O

 My husband is ready to get into his teaching routine – he’ll be teaching both Anna’s (6th grade) and Andrew’s (8th grade) History this year as well as Andrew’s Junior High Bible and then high school Physical Science. 

While I’ve been bemoaning the fact that school is starting back already (actually after having an additional week off this summer due to scheduling changes), I had a good “think” this morning about things.  You know what I mean?  Just trying to get a clear perspective on what is good and true and best … meditating on what is right.  I have to talk myself down occasionally because I tend to be a tad bit negative sometimes. 

So, school starting isn’t a bad thing … even if it means that our so-called carefree days of summer are over, even if it means my kids are growing up, even if it means I lose my 2 favorite helpers for 7+ hours a day.  Time for me to get with the program and get into the new routine!  SCHOOL has BEGUN!  Yeahhh!!  😉

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  1. your kids look so happy to be going back to school! And your daughter looks just like your hubby! too cute!

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