Word of the Day: OLDER

Last week the word was NEW … today the word is OLDER.  The writing challenge from 5 Minute Friday is to:
1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.

2. Link back here and invite others to join in.


I turned 40 last November.  Inside my head, I feel like I’m still “young” … but the mirror tells me I need to keep my appointments with my hair stylist to cover my grays and keep using my Mary Kay age-defying products!

One thing I love about being 40 is that when I feel like I’m still not where I want to be in my life, I can look back and see that I have come VERY far – especially in my relationships.

The first relationship that has grown significantly since I met Him over 30 years ago is my relationship with God!  While I immediately trusted Jesus just about the first time I heard what He had done for me on the Cross and I accepted His offer of eternal life, it took me a long time to understand His character – and in fact, it has only been in the last 5-10 years that I’m finally seeing WHO HE IS – and learning more about Him almost daily.  My perspective of God was based on my own misunderstanding of what preachers were telling me and trying to reconcile that with my own life experiences.  I always knew God was good … but I never really understood His PERSONAL love and interest in me when there were millions of people He needed to attend to.  Why would He care about the details of my life that in the light of eternity really didn’t matter too much … and yet, He has shown me HE DOES CARE ABOUT ME beyond just saving me!!  I think sometimes I focus too much on how hard things are in life and in this world that I forget to look for God’s Hand working because He sees so far beyond what I see.  He is working all things together for good – and HIS glory. 

My relationship with my husband has grown so much deeper as we get OLDER.  I love that we have a comfortable, easy going relationship that is secure.  We both continue to try to work on understanding each other’s needs – and in fact, maybe even more so after spending a lot of time self-focused the first few years we were married.  As we approach being married 19 years by the end of this year, I’m thankful for this man I will grow OLD with … the best IS yet to be …

I’ve settled into my parenting as I’ve gotten OLDER too.  Even though we were “older” when we had our first 2 children (we were married almost 6 years and had struggled with infertility before we had our 1st child), I think I was all about being THE PERFECT parent … schedules and baby advice books and second guessing myself on everything I did for my babies.  Having had a baby as an “older” mom 20 months ago, I’m a totally different parent now!  I’m mellow, relaxed, enjoying each moment, not sweating the small stuff, letting go of my expectations, and just going with the flow!  Of course, my fondest wish is that all 3 of my children will grow up to serve God – not out of duty or obligation – but from the heart.  God knows my motives in child rearing – and I’m thankful He can work despite my futile efforts to parent which sometimes goes awry and I fail to be the example I want to be.  And yet, being OLDER, I have seen He is faithful … and I trust He will continue to be. 

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    I love your word about learning of God's character… that is so true and I've never heard of it in those terms. Love it.

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