Hodge Podge Wednesday

Because I am desperately looking for aNyThInG to distract me from having to start WORKING today, I am going to try this – looks like fun:

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
1. Do you think the world became a more dangerous place on September 11, 2001 or are we just more aware of the danger? How has your own life changed as a result of that day?
I married an Army officer in 1992 … In 1993 he was slated to deploy to Somalia.  I watched him gather his newly issued gear in desert camo, go through getting all kinds of shots (malaria, etc) as a preventative, and lived without him as he trained in arid eastern Washington State (Yakima) for the mission.  These were the days of “Black Hawk Down” and such … However, on my birthday the end of November, President Clinton announced that he was pulling all US troops out of Somalia – and all of my husband’s preparations halted. Later when we were stationed in Germany in the late 1990s, we watched troops rotate in and out of Bosnia.  I’ve always been very aware that the world is a “dangerous place”.
After September 11, 2001, my husband did go to Iraq to work in a Combat Support Hospital (C*S*H) from February 2003 until February 2004.  Yes, this year changed our lives drastically … but I will also say for the better because we realized during that year what the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS in life were! 

2. Did you think your parents were too strict when you were growing up? How about in hindsight?
I’m sure I thought they were too strict at the time … but really, I had a lot of freedom.  I mean, I had curfews and rules, but we didn’t have much money so I wasn’t going much of anywhere anyway (except for school and church activities or with friends) – but my parents let me get my drivers license at age 16 – and my grandparents bought me (albeit an old and UGLY) car, so I was driving all over pretty soon.  I will say I was expected to ACT right and responsibility – and that is what I feared most:  getting in trouble for my behavior!   I knew my parents had HIGH expectations of me in that area, and I didn’t want to let them down (they also had plenty of “spies” who watched each other’s kids and told on them!!). 

3. Share one random but candid fact about yourself.

I am very guilt- and obligation-driven.  There are plenty of things I don’t feel like doing – but I do them because I am SUPPOSED TO (and of course, I am usually happy that I got up the gumption to do them after it is over) … but for the most part, if I have to go to a school or church function, I’m always relieved when I *finally* get back home where I am most secure and happy!!  πŸ™‚   I’m a TRUE HOME BODY INTROVERT!! 

4. Would your nearest and dearest describe you as simple or far too complicated?

I am definitely TOO COMPLICATED.  I blame hormones! πŸ™‚

5. What is your favorite stadium or carnival food?

I balk at stadium/carnival food prices, so I don’t eat much of it – but I do like kettle corn (somehow I feel like I get more for my money!) and funnel cakes because I feel like you can share one and both get enough.

6. Tornado, hurricane, earthquake…how many of these natural disasters have you experienced? Which do you think would be the scariest?

We live in kind of a “Tornado Alley” along the Missouri I-44 Corridor (120 miles east of Joplin).  I can think of 2 incidences when a tornado touched down in our area, doing damage.

Hurricanes:  Floyd – Sept 1999 – we were stationed in Newport News, VA … We saw the devatation afterwards; many houses were flooded/damaged.  Our apartment’s ceiling leaked as water flooded in through the upstairs neighbor’s fire place and soaked into our ceiling.  Thankfully, that was as bad as it got for us.  Ironically, we lived on a “hurricane evacuation route,” and it flooded so badly that my husband had to take a “long cut” to get home after work (he was “Mission Essential Personnel” at an Army hospital, so he had to be there during the storm). 

Earthquake:  while stationed in Washington State in the early 1990s … but I never  actually felt it though it was definitely a significant one according to reports.

I think the tornadoes are the most scary – somehow they seem the least predictable as to where they’ll finally touch down.  Hurricanes can be foretold and people can evacuate.  Earthquakes are probably scary – but unless buildings are crashing down and the earth is swallowing people up, it’s just shaky ground.  ??!

 7. Labor day weekend is approaching so a work related question seems appropriate. Growing up, did your parents assign you regular chores? Were you paid for doing those chores. If you’re a parent do you assign chores to your own children? Why or why not?
I’m not sure I had chores like on a formal chore chart, but I was always one who liked my room “just so”.  I helped with the yard too – mainly because I liked it; sometimes, my dad would ask us to help him w/ chores outside.  I think I got a random allowance, but I can’t remember that either – must not have been significant. 

My kids do have routine chores they know we expect them to do … I too give them random allowances … usually I just tell them if they like sleeping in their bed or eating dinner at our house, THAT is their “pay”!  πŸ™‚  I do understand my 10 and 13 year olds don’t have much of an opportunity to earn money to buy the extra things they would like to have, so I do give them a few dollars occasionally, when I can & when I remember. 

8. Insert your own random thought here
I am such a night owl … I wish it were more socially acceptable to be one!  I hate that I feel guilty when I don’t really get started on my days until late morning – when it seems EVERYONE ELSE is already half way through their chores and to-do list!  However, I do keep working until later into the evening/night than them, I think!!  πŸ˜‰  Thankfully, I stay home (and work from home) so NO ONE really needs to know my non-typical schedule.  πŸ™‚  I love that aspect of my life!!  I’ve even got my baby to go to bed later but to SLEEP IN !!  πŸ™‚ 

Thankfully, my husband is a morning person, and he takes care of getting our older 2 kids to school (and we do a lot of prep the night before).  They are – usually – always glad to see me though when I crawl out of bed to say good-bye to them before they leave the house at some ungodly, pre-dawn hour !!  πŸ™‚ 

The one regret I do have is that my husband usually crashes early in the evening when I’m at my peek of wanting to do things and talk … and I’m a zombie early in the morning when he’s ready to go somewhere or talk.  We have to find other times to re-connect – usually on weekends – and during the school year, our time together is so limited anyway.  Oh, and traveling together isn’t always easy either because he wants to leave at the earliest hour possible, preferably before the sun is up … and I’m still staggering around, packing last-minute things, drinking my coffee, and grumbling until much later!  πŸ™‚
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4 Responses to Hodge Podge Wednesday

  1. Rochelle says:

    Hey Conny, I am a night owl and an early bird, go figure. I like to get up early to exercise and get my day going but I find I do my best work at night. I guess that's why I feel like I am burning the candle at both ends, because I am. Or maybe I am just nosy and do not want to miss anything. I also absolutely love the flexibility of working for myself at home, when I want to sleep in late I can. I can just turn my phone off and clients and collegues just think I must be busy. I love it. Thanks for sharing.Rochelle

  2. I am also a huge night owl so it is nice to hear someone else talk about it πŸ™‚ I dream of the days when I can once again stay up super late and then sleep in. I stay up too late now but have to get up and be productive in my zombie state since I have little ones.

  3. Joyce says:

    My hubs used to be a night owl but I've converted him : ) Glad you played a long today-enjoy your weekend!

  4. Lorie says:

    I blame hormones for everything! lolI am also a night owl. I'll think of you tonight when I am ironing clothes at 10pm :)I can barely function early in the mornings.

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