Driving Down Memory Lane

May I just tell you all that I am having a WONDERFUL time with the 3 students from our school and my family on our little whirlwind trip from Misery Missouri to Tennessee through Georgia and Alabama to Florida!!? 
(In case you missed it – we are taking 2 Seniors and 1 Junior on a little College Tour/Jr-Sr Trip this week):

The kids have been SO good.  Today we drove two stretches of almost 4 hours each – no one complained, no one had to go to the bathroom … in fact, no one even asked if we were there yet! 

It was so good to see my parents and brother’s family earlier this week – even if we only had a very limited time while our students toured the nearby Bible college – but we did get to have dinner with my brother, his wife, and their 2 cute kids on Tuesday night.  Sadly, at this point of the day, we’d all about had it – my brother was actually very sick and had been to the doctor earlier in the day, the kids were exhausted and melting down, and Miriam had eaten a huge plate of bright red jell-o while sitting on my lap, leaving us both with blood-red stained clothes and hands that we looked like we’d just been through a massacre!!!!  Hence, no pictures of ME or my brother – but we did get a few of the kids:

This picture (below) cracks me up – it looks like my brother’s sweet little girl is about to slap my Miriam – who appears to be – and probably IS – pitching a fit !!  While Miriam IS having a fit, Addie Mae would NEVER slap her!!  She’s too sweet!!

Peace & Harmony:  Addie Mae, Anna, and Miriam

 My mom looks remarkably good – I guess she thrives on grandchildren!  🙂  She and my dad watched all the kids for the day – which was a HUGE blessing!!  Thankfully, they really do all get along great – and Addie Mae & Miriam took good, long naps for them at the same time – SCORE!  Andrew and his cousin Ethan are big buddies too so that is fun to watch. 

Early this morning we left Knoxville – and drove by our old “stomping grounds” in Chattanooga, which is where Dan and I went to Bible college and where we met and where he proposed to me!  This is the view that I saw a ga-billion times during my 3 years in Chattanooga:

 We drove on into Georgia, on I-24, another route we are SO familiar with!  

 and on into Alabama – Dan remembered that we drove this route in December of 1992, after our wedding near Knoxville, on our “honeymoon” drive across the country to his duty station in California.  For Christmas, I had gotten Dan a BRIGHT ORANGE Tennessee sweatshirt – and he wore it on the day we drove through – and stopped at a mall IN Alabama.  If you know anything about SEC football, you know that A LOT of people were GLARING at Dan that day!!  🙂 

 Finally, we crossed over the border into Florida, the supposed SUNSHINE state … we have yet to see any sunshine – but hopefully:  the sun will come out TOMORROW!!  🙂

We will tour another Christian college here on Thursday – and then hopefully have plenty of time to play on a nearby beach?!!!! 

May I just say again – all 6 of “our kids” have been just – SUPER, man!

(the 3 students we are also traveling with – in Metropolis … Illinois)

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  2. Jedidja says:

    Nice blog. Four hours in the car … that's only when we go on holiday to Belgium. You have brave kids, I think. I love your pictures with the roads on it from your country. In my next blog I will post some pictures of Dutch roads.

  3. melanie says:

    SUPER cute pic with Superman! =) Glad you are having such a good trip ~

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