The Beach!

We live in Missouri … Missouri is a land-locked state … Miriam was born in Osage *BEACH*, Missouri … but it isn’t a REAL beach … it’s located at the Lake of the Ozarks … a lake, not an ocean … not a gulf … not even a bay. 

I’m trying to remember the last time we saw an ocean – or a beach – or a gulf – or a bay.  I think it was Orlando, July 2000 … that’s been a long time ago. 

 But this recent “College Tour”/Jr-Sr Trip that we took last week gave Anna the opportunity to experience the beach maybe really for the first time in her life!  We were in Pensacola, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.  As we drove along the causeway to the beaches, Anna pointed over to a land mass across the bridge and asked, “So, is that Mexico?”  😉 

 We found a pretty secluded spot where we soaked in the sun, walked barefoot, and just enjoyed THE BEACH. 


There’s just something calming and relaxing and reflective about being at a warm, sunny, calm beach. 

We actually went back to the beach at sunset – but alas I have no pictures because my camera fell into the water.  Thankfully, the memory card survived – my camera is currently basking in a bag of rice, which will perhaps dry it out!  As I said on facebook – that’s good & that’s bad.  It’s bad I lost my camera – it’s good because I lost it while I was AT THE BEACH!!  🙂

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2 Responses to The Beach!

  1. Jedidja says:

    Beautuful pictures. So different from the North – sea here!

  2. soraya3 ღ says:

    i love the beach only thats far from our calls sanford…and also at scheveningen is also a beach were many dutch go there..its so peaceful thanks for sharing…loves soraya

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