5 Minute Friday: Ordinary

Today I’m linking up with The Gypsy Mama for 5 Minute Friday again.
Today’s topic is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY:  Ordinary!  Just look at the title of my blog:  I *am* an ORDINARY Hausfrau!!  😉

I have always been very ordinary.  I was an ordinary student – not always straight A’s but not failing.  I have ordinary talents, if any at all (does one call typing fast or organizing paperwork and doing accounting a “talent”!?).  I can sing in a choir but I certainly don’t have a solo voice or even a duet or trio voice – I can’t carry a tune on my own.  I have never been fawned over for being beautiful – I’m just pretty ordinary-looking:  ordinary brown hair, ordinary blue eyes … I find when I have been somewhere in a crowd or obligatory meeting, people don’t usually remember my name or that I was even there (my dad forgot I drove 600 miles to come to his 70th birthday a few years ago!!). 
I don’t make a splash; I don’t like attention.  I am content to be ordinary. 

I recently read a quote that said, “Not everyone can be a princess; someone needs to stand on the sidelines and clap.”  That last part is me – I observe, watch, and quietly cheer.  I have some friends who I admire with princess qualities and wonderful talents, but it just doesn’t feel right when I assert myself or pamper myself.  It’s not in me.  I am that “wind beneath the wings” person who prefers to see my friends achieve and excel.  My husband is somewhat like that too – he’s a support person, a right-hand man … biblically speaking, I’d call him a true servant.  In his case, he does it because he loves to help people; in my case, I am ordinary because I don’t want upheaval, attention, or to be a bother to anyone. 

Being ordinary sounds pretty humble … but it does come with its problems.  Now that I am 40 years old, I have dealt with a lot of issues dealing with my ordinary personality and lifestyle.  Sometimes I resent being overlooked, even though I don’t want the spotlight – I just want acknowledgment!  This means I sometimes have to step out of my comfort zone – and make my presence known by speaking up, doing something for someone that takes extra time and effort, or asking if I can help. 

Another issue is that I used to feel (and sometimes still do) that God doesn’t really have a particular interest in me because He’s got so many “important” people to help.  While – of course – I know He is a PERSONAL God (which He has proved to me over & over), I guess I even shy away from asking Him for help or things I really desire.  I’ve become BOLDER in my faith as I’ve learned more about God’s character (after all, He said come BOLDLY to the throne of grace to obtain mercy! Hebrews 4:16)  and seen Him work on my behalf.  For years I couldn’t grasp why God would delight in ordinary me?!  Even though I wasn’t a particularly “big” sinner (I haven’t murdered, I don’t steal, I can’t even begin to imagine committing adultery), I am full of “ordinary” sins (equally as sinful in God’s eyes!) like having a bad attitude, being critical or unthankful, harboring bitterness, or getting angry and jealous; why would He choose me or use me? 

And yet, the God who made me loves me – ordinary as I am – and offers me an EXTRAORDINARY life full of His love and blessings and strength. 

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5 Responses to 5 Minute Friday: Ordinary

  1. Conny, Your words, your heart are so beautiful, so powerful. You are anything but ordinary. You are absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for your transparency here. Gratefully,Jennifer

  2. Rochelle says:

    Hi Conny,I love your post today about being ordinary. I am like you in a lot of ways and I am also different but at the end of the day I know the God I serve is extra ordinary and no matter where I am on the continuum he shows up and gives me exactly what I need. Also thanks for your dilignece in commenting on my blog. I love your stories and I'm glad it sparks questions for you about doing things the same or different.When I think about your post about ordinary it reminded me a conversation I had with myself a couple of days ago. My husband and I are big entertainers, we host a huge holiday party every year, beyond ordinary. This year for the first time I pondered about not having it this year. I know several people will be disappointed, if for nothing else they will miss out on a free meal. But I have been thinking about giving myself a break this year. It is a lot of work and I thought, I would like to have an ordinary Christmas this year like we used to have when I was young. Thanks for giving me reason to ponder on it some more, your post have me thinking about the why and for whom and how can I use my time to serve God this Christmas in a better way. I know he will answer me in his own extraordinary way. ThanksRochelle

  3. JNCL says:

    You know what? I have always admired people like you, those who could be genuinely content to support others. I've always felt I "should" be more like that, I just never managed it. I always wanted to be in the spotlight for something–and more often than not, actually ended up in the spotlight for falling on my ass! I think quiet, "ordinary" people are the natural nobility of God's kingdom, those who have "Godliness with contentment." I'd say that makes you pretty special.JNCLThe Beauty of Eclecticism

  4. God loves you so… we are all ordinary without Him.Love,Traci

  5. Monika says:

    Here from the gypsy mama…. Amen. God specializes in taking the "ordinary" and making it extraordinary. We may not see it in our own lives when we look in a mirror, but HE sees that we are because He made us. 🙂

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