PEARfectly Preserved

These gorgeous An’jou pears were on sale at our Aldi’s last week for I think 30 cents for 4 pears!!  Pears are my husband’s favorite fruit, so he “stocked up”.
However, you can only eat so many pears per day – and hence, we’ve got lots of pears left over.  I got the genius idea to FREEZE THEM for later!
Problem is:  I do not know how to can or really even freeze fruit??? 
I mean, I’ve cut up tomatoes and put them in a freezer container – and frozen them – but that’s the extent of my perservation knowledge.
AND trusty google was telling me that pears get brown and mealy as they de-thaw if you just flat-out free them?!?!  My farmer wife friend (you know who you are!!) said I could just cut them up & lay them out on a cookie sheet & freeze them that way (peel on), which I will be doing for some of these pears –
I did find a way to freeze the supposedly perfect pear:

 One must prepare a syrup.  I made a “light” version but you can make it heavier, depending on how much sugar you add.  I dissolved 1/4 cup sugar in 4 cups of luke warm water.  After letting it cool a little bit more, you add the pears.

My pears got a nice bath – and then I put the whole thing into a freezer bag, making sure the syrup completely covers all the pears.

I have learned enough about freezing things that if you freeze things in bags, it is easier to store them if you lay the bag flat, which is what I’m doing with my pears in syrup.

Come winter, I guess we’ll see what comes of my pear experiment:  plain, frozen, cut-up pears vs. frozen pears in syrup. 

Do you have any experience in freezing pears?  If so, I’d love to hear about it!

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2 Responses to PEARfectly Preserved

  1. melanie says:

    That's my CAN-DO friend! :DVery imPEARessive!

  2. soraya3 ღ says:

    its a good idea…here we freeze also a lot…its not like south america dominican republic were i come from here because of the weather we freeze vegetables and more cause we can go in the cold weather to the market..thanks for sharing..loves soraya..

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