Seeing ME in a Rabbit …

Thanks to Miriam’s latest obsession, we have watched THE MANY ADVENTURES OF WINNIE THE POOH over and over and over at my house.  I usually don’t just sit and watch because while the movie is going, I can actually go get something done – however, over time, I’ve picked up some observations from this classic cartoon to realize something about MYSELF!! 
I used to see myself as somewhat of an Eeyore type … a little pessimistic with a tendency to feel sorry for myself, but I now think I’ve evolved into more of a Rabbit.  Rabbit just wants to be left alone to garden, to quietly ice skate, or in his orderly house.  However, when Pooh shows up, he feels obligated to say, “How about lunch?” even though he doesn’t really want to – but he knows it is the right thing to do.  When Pooh eats ALL his HUNNEY and gets stuck in his doorway on his way out, poor Rabbit about goes batty.  At this point in the movie, Miriam starts making funny faces, mimicing the rolling eyes and spinning head of Rabbit as he deals with the annoyance of a snoring – and sneezing – Pooh Bear and trying to make the best of the BIG ROUND BOTTOM sticking out into his living room, making it an ill-fated mantle.  
Rabbit makes statements like “Why does it always have to be me?  Why, oh, why, oh, why?”  And “Oh dear, mercy me.  Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!”  That cracks me up because if you listen to me in the course of a day with just Miriam around, I tend to have the same response!!  Somehow my life is full of the ironies of things that would probably only happen TO ME … things like this don’t happen to “normal” people, do they?!  And I mutter quite a bit under my breath too, an embarrassing habit. 
Rabbit is the one who leads the meeting to plan how to “un-bounce” Tigger, another annoyance.  Yeah, I want annoying interruptions to go away too … Especially back in the day when I worked as a church secretary, and people would camp out in my office to “chat” while I had TONS of work to do.  In my equivalent of “how about lunch”, I’d ask, “So, how are you?” and then be somewhat stuck politely listening to the excruciating detailed answer.  I’d talk to my pastor about how I could “unbounce” these people – in other words, AVOID THEM … but really, other than diverting them to him, there really isn’t any NICE way to do it. 
In our movie, Rabbit does finally get Tigger to the point where he promises to stop bouncing; however, Tigger is MISERABLE, sad, and defeated.  Rabbit doesn’t really notice.  The other animals offer sympathy -and Rabbit again, out of obligation, tells Tigger to go ahead & bounce again … AND as a result gets caught up in the bouncing.  And he finds that he actually LIKES IT!!!!!! 
Many times, I just want to be left alone, do things on my own, or have a decent, orderly “garden” … and OTHERS (my children!  my husband, sometimes people who I am really not even very good friends with) unwittingly come in and ruin my plans and shake up my calm.  But I need these bouncers and the eaters-of-all-my-hunney to get me to look outside my comfort zones.  And in the end, I usually find I LIKE TO BOUNCE TOO … I just need someone to grab my hand, obligate me to try, and force me to begin. 
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  1. Love it! I too am a big Winnie-the-Pooh follower due to my own little No1 daughter! Many times thinking I can relate to the whole Hundred Acre Wood Gang. Yes it's a good thing to shake things up sometimes. But ii is okay to enjoy your orderly garden as well!TTFN! TaTaForNow,Little Susie Home Maker

  2. Sandra says:

    Well after reading your post, I think I'm a rabbit too lol

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