A Day at Home!

It’s a lovely fall day here – sunny, a little nippy … and YES, my 22 month old was running around the back deck in only a tshirt!  She found a few acorns to play with … and loved hearing the leaves crunch as she ran over them barefoot. 
No, I didn’t let her stay out there long in this condition … and yes, someone DOES need to re-stain our deck. 

In other HutchHaus news, I got my results from my recent triglyceride re-check (last Wednesday), which leads me to an official Healthy Hausfrau Report:

There’s good news and there is bad news.
The good news is my triglyceride levels are DOWN … the bad news is they are down from almost 500 to 304, which is still TOO HIGH.  My doctor’s nurse said he wants me to double my medication … however, he doesn’t know that I never took my medication in the first place!!  :-O  I have tried to work on drinking more water, eating healthier, and having more OATMEAL!!  I was going to add fish oil to my supplements – and have yet to get some. 

Now comes my dilemma:  I have a bottle of pills that would be an easy fix to get my levels back to normal by the time I go back for a re-check in January OR do I continue on with trying to do this on my own.  I am leaning towards just continuing my efforts to improve my health the natural way.  While I realize that high triglycerides are SERIOUS – in that they can lead to stroke, heart attack, etc etc etc … the fact that mine are on their way DOWN is good, right?! 

And so, today marks a new day – a new resolve to work towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Today is a good day to begin.  We have a fairly (Lord willing) easy week ahead of us, hopefully staying close to home & home cooking.  Over the weekend, I was so sick with a migraine on Saturday that I thought I had the stomach flu … but the constant pain in my head was assurance that the constant nausea was just a side effect.  After suffering for 15 hours and dealing with a rebound headache all day Sunday, I have lost quite a bit of water weight and feel slightly less bloated.  That’s a good place to be – kind of a clean slate – and dare I hope that an even healthier life style WILL help ease these migraines that have come back with a vengence in these last few months?!

And so I re-commit today to my goals & pursuing them even more seriously than ever:
~Drink more WATER (or at least unsweet tea or water w/ lemon or SOMETHING hydrating)
~Eat more OATMEAL (for what it is worth, I’m convinced there is some redeeming quality to this grain! and I like oatmeal, which I honestly can’t say about a lot of whole grainy things)
~Watch the refined carbs & chocolate intake!!
~Take my vitamins AND my supplements faithfully, daily.
~Take Miriam for a walk or some form of exercise as often as possible.
~Eat more lean protein, eggs, and nuts (almonds). 
~More fruit & veggies – I love fruit & vegetables & salads … I just need to make sure I budget for them & take the time to prep them.  Convenience food is so much more … well, convenient (but so much more BAD in comparison).

a REMINDER that “30 Days of Thanks” begins TOMORROW, November 1st
I will be blogging about what I am thankful for EVERY DAY – join me if you can; be thankful in your heart if you can’t.  🙂

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3 Responses to A Day at Home!

  1. Rochelle says:

    Hi Conny, Glad to hear your levels are reducing without taking the prescribed medication, that means you are doing something right. Whatever you decide, keep up the good work. I too have taken on a new exercise regimen and today my body is truly feeling it.

  2. melanie says:

    If you haven't guessed by now, I am anti-meds ~ so I'd encourage to keep on keepin' on! {But the FDA has not approved this message}Have I told you about my friend at church who has dropped her cholesterol dramatically just with diet/exercise?! {I think she said something like 140!} Sooo, if you want the support of someone who's been there/doing that, I'll hook you up with her on fb.I think you should be greatly encouraged by the lab results ~ Well done, you!

  3. Hallo Conny, deine Kleine ist supersüß. Meine Tochter spielt auch gerne im Laub.Ich mache mit, ich werde auch darauf achten mehr Wasser zu trinken und mehr gesunde Sachen zu essen.Ich freue micht sehr, das du meine Seite gefunden hast. Auch ich möchte den Kontakt zu dir halten.Alles Liebe Barbara

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