30 Days of Thanks – Day 1

Our perception of a thing or situation can sure affect how we react towards that particular scenario at the time. For example, we might be perfectly content with our little house until we go visit a friend whose home is much bigger, newer, or decorated nicer. Or at least this is how I react sometimes. Suddenly I see the flaws and weary “bones” of my house, and it goes from being my favorite haven to being an old, dilapidated place. My thoughts go to, “if only we had a bigger house, I could ….”. Meanwhile to a family in a third world country, my house seems like a mansion in comparison to their little tin-roofed shed with cardboard walls.

In the month of November, I want to see things with a GRATEFUL heart. I want to be thankful for what I have, for the situations in life where God has put me, and realize that everything I have, everything I am is perfectly planned by Someone who knows exactly what I need … and Who provides me with so much more than I deserve!

The grateful heart realizes that what I have right now is enough. The grateful heart rejoices in the goodness of God even in the midst of a hard situation. The grateful heart follows God’s command to “Rejoice always!” and to “glory in my infirmities”.

Today, as I begin my “30 Days of Thanks”, I am so thankful – first of all – that no matter what touches my life, GOD IS IN CONTROL. He put me exactly where He wants me, surrounded by the people and things that are perfect for ME uniquely.

Recently I’ve been contemplating what God’s will really is. Some people wish He’d just send a detailed letter from heaven about what to do (I have wished that too!); but I read a statement recently that said something to the effect of this: doing God’s will isn’t so much a matter of “finding God’s will” as it is just day-by-day doing of what He commands. We know what God wants for us; it is outlined in His Word; He will reveal Himself as we do what we know we should do NOW – and leave the future up to Him. 

I am looking forward to a daily reminder this month (and hopefully spilling into the next year!) that there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

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  2. It is well says:

    Thanks for sharing your thankful heart. I won't be linking up with my blog this year, but I'm going to do an abbreviated version on facebook! 🙂

  3. Ich stimme dir zu, ich denke Gott hat für jeden den passenden Weg ausgesucht.Ich bin dankbar für meine Familie, das alle gesund sind und wir zusammenhalten.LGBarbara

  4. Maribeth says:

    I used to ponder what God's Will was. There have been challenging times in my life, that I didn't like "his will" very much. But as I have grown in the Christian Faith, I realized that there is much I simply have to let go of, and live in my faith in God. Since doing this, my life has become simpler. (Gosh that is a word, as spell check didn't change it!)I asked my sister if she believed in Heaven. She is one of the most devout people I know. But, I was shocked to hear her say that she is hoping that it is not a joke. I guess that's where we are very different. I KNOW that there is a Heaven and that one day I will be welcomed home by our Father!

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