30 Days of Thanks – Day 2

Today my thankfulness is simple!  I am so thankful for the gorgeous fall weather we have had this year!!  The last 2 days have been almost PERFECT outside, and we’ve spent a lot of time outdoors while we still can before winter sets in.

For several years I worked as a school and church secretary, and on days like today, I’d sit in my little fish bowl office and look out my window at the school children playing on our playground.  While I was happy they could enjoy the outdoors and get (much needed) fresh air and run off some energy, I longed to be out there with them!  When I could, I’d walk down our school’s long driveway to get the mail from the end of it just to GET OUTSIDE for a minute.
Today I add thankfulness that I am – once again – a STAY-AT-HOME-MOTHER!!  Miriam and I can go outside pretty much whenever we feel like it … and I appreciate it about a thousand times more than I ever did when my first two were small.  And Miriam LOVES to be outside!  I think she’s pretty thankful for this gorgeous weather these days too.
PS  I can’t imagine having SNOW right now!!  For those of you who live in the Northeast, I hope you all are doing ok.  We have family in Connecticut, and they lost power for 2 days, I think, finally getting it back yesterday.
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