Have a Seat!

On the lighter side of things: 

Miriam is such a busy girl … every day she reeks a lot of havoc around my house.  My husband has commented that we never let our other 2 children “explore” as much as Miriam does (ie. clean out cabinets, take apart things, and make HUGE messes).  My conclusion is that I’m just too old to really care about how neat things stay around here any more!!  I get things cleaned up in my own sweet time … and meanwhile, Miriam is having a blast! 

Lately, she’s discovered she can open the china cabinet’s lower doors … and among the vases, candles, and dishes, she found some multi-colored toothpicks.  I’ve loved watching her play with them in various ways:  putting them all into a vase and shaking them out again … stuffing them into her various hiding spots such as the drawers of our TV armoire, between the couch cushions, and in her doll stroller … and most recently, creating a seating arrangement akin to a form of an ancient Vietnamese torture device:

Gives new meaning to being in the hot – or is that HURT – seat!!  OWIE!!!!

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