30 Days of Thanks – Day 6

I am not a big phone-talker.  I think I’d die if I had to wear one of those android-ear, bluetooth things on my head all day!!  While I’m all about saving money on my bills, I do pay the few dollars extra that the caller ID feature costs – I don’t have time for telemarketers or 1-800 political calls.  And sometimes I have to work up my courage just to call someone about business matters or such – although working in a church/school office for many years sure helped me get over that somewhat. 

That said, I do enjoy a phone conversation with a friend or someone in my family (usually!!).  And today I had the joy of speaking with someone I haven’t talked to in a while.  It was someone I wasn’t particularly close to, more of an acquaintance, and she doesn’t live near me.  And I actually CALLED HER … which is something else I don’t often do because for some reason, I have this fear that I am bothering the person I am calling or something like that?!  I’d rather write you an email than call you any day if it is to discuss something.  Anyway, I just felt impressed to call this person – and I now truly believe it was God putting a little message in my head to do just that. 

As this person and I got caught up on each other’s lives and happenings, she shared some things with me that were such an encouragement to me – she told me a little story about something my husband did for her a long time ago that she said she will remember and cherish always.  It was a simple act … and yet, to her, it made all the difference.

You know how people say that they hear something at “just the right moment” … well, that was just my right moment!  It was exactly what I needed to hear today to not only remind me that I am married to a very good, very kind man … but to remind me that he is being used by God to make a difference!   Doing what is right and good is ALWAYS worth while, whether it is noticed or not; but sometimes it is just good to hear it out loud. 

Today I am thankful for my husband and for my MANY friends who bless my heart with encouragement and kindness -those who know me best – even the ugly parts – and still love me.

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3 Responses to 30 Days of Thanks – Day 6

  1. Rochelle says:

    Conny, thank you so much for your continued dedication to posting on my site. I always love your comments and words of encouragement. Thank you also for the 30 days of thanks. I have been so busy studying for my comp exam that I almost forgot about it. I have been keeping note in my journal. Today I am thankful for being chosen by the Lord to be one of his disciples. I love loving and living for the Lord. Thanks so much.I enjoyed your post as well. I also reached out to an old friend today. Mainly to encourage her to come back to church, she has been gone for a while. God reminded how important it is to not forget those he has connected us to, for we serve a purpose in their life as they do ours. Thanks

  2. Sarah says:

    I have a phone-phobia too…. exactly the same reason, I don't want to interrupt anyone. But how amazing God prompted you to call this specific person and just the right time!

  3. Maribeth says:

    Those friends and family, who love us with all of our warts, are truly a blessing from God! Amen!

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