A Little Commercial:

Search & Win


This is a shameless promotion … I’ll admit it!!  But I just got another $5 amazon.com gift card code from swagbucks.com … and I am astonished – even after using swagbucks since March 2010 – about how EASY it is to get FREE money (as such).


I have “earned” $155.00 in amazon gift cards by just doing the following:

  • Obviously, SIGNING UP at swagbucks.com

  • Downloading their tool bar and using it almost exclusively for searching the internet – even if I want to get to google, I type “Google” in my swagbucks tool bar & then move on.  I do the same for “facebook” and to get to my blog.  Occasionally, I win SWAGBUCKS in various amounts.  At one point, I was earning enough to get 3 gift cards in a month ($15) … but now I get about one gift card per month. 

  • Occasionally I do the daily poll at swagbucks.com OR I pursue a swag code through facebook and/or twitter. 


And that’s about it.  You CAN do so much more with swagbucks, but I just keep it simple.  I know a $5 gift card might not sound like much (although it does TO ME!!) … but they can accumulate – and eventually you can get all kinds of FREE stuff from amazon (and there ARE other prizes but I prefer this one).  For a while, I was getting almost-free diapers.  Amazon sells just about anything, as you probably know.


Ok, back to your regularly scheduled program.

BUT if you have any questions about swagbucks, please feel free to contact me OR check out the swagbucks website.  It works!!  And believe me, I don’t just promote any old thing that comes along!!  🙂


Search & Win

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  1. melanie says:

    Yep! My son even signed up for his own account ~ Guess he wants his own free stuff 😀

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