30 Days of Thanks – Day 10

Today I am thankful for medical care … doctors, nurses, and hospitals.
I will be very thankful today if my father-in-law has a successful open heart surgery to have a valve completely replaced.
Please say a prayer for him, if you think about it!!
Medical advancements are amazing … and God has recently used some of them in our lives as well.  Blood tests that have warned me of my high triglyceride levels … a colonscopy for my husband that revealed 5 polyps that needed to be removed … and even the birth of our baby girl by c-section almost 23 months ago.
I’m also thankful for “my” chiropractor who I can’t see often enough … and for his “preventative medicine” advice (not that I heed it well enough!).
I’m also thankful for dentists … even though they have brought me MUCH pain over my life time!!  :-X

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3 Responses to 30 Days of Thanks – Day 10

  1. Hallo Conny,ich lasse ein paar liebe Grüße da, ich hoffe euch geht es gut.LGBarbara

  2. I agree with you the science is so extended these days..was watching on tv..how they operate thrue a computer..well hadn't see that before..its amazing..but our best dokter is dokter Jesus..loves have a nice day connie!(joining the 30 days thanksgiving) ill try to keep up..

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