Mama Tried … (a review of Love at Last Sight)

Well, I’m just going to have to do this:  post my review of Love at Last Sight.  I tried to read it; I tried to like it; I tried to get into it; I tried to “feel” the passion for marriage that the authors have … but I stalled out at page 118 many months ago … and the book sat – and honestly, I “forgot” about it.   I want to move on with Blogging for Books, so I knew I had to post a review to get my next book AND SO I made it to page 133 … and I’m just done with this book.  Sorry 😦 

It may just be ME.  I was excited at first when I requested this book.  I’m always up for learning more about marriage relationships in a godly light – or being encouraged in my marriage – or being challenged to do something new for my marriage … but this book fell flat for me.  Maybe it is because I am not really familiar with Kerry & Chris Shook and their ministry … or maybe (and probably more honestly so) it is because I am inundated by books that challenge us methodically to follow a certain pattern to work on a marriage (a’la “The Love Dare” associated with the movie Fireproof).  I don’t do well with things like that – I start out doing what I’m ask – but if there isn’t any REAL meaning TO ME behind what I am doing, it fizzles.  Fast.  That’s what Love at Last Sight did for me too.

IF you like organized, routinely planned things on your calendar, then YOU might love Love at Last Sight.  It contains a one month relationship plan to help  your most cherished relationship.  And there are plenty of Bible principles to think about in the book.  And by the way, the book is not just for marriages but applicable supposedly for ALL your closest relationships. 

For me though, I’m going to gift my copy to someone who will appreciate it more than I have. 

Love at First Sight was provided at no cost to me by Waterbrook Multnomah.  The opinions given are (obviously!!) my own. 

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