5 Minute Friday: Grow

Joining the Gypsy Mama for 5 Minute Friday today:

Today’s Topic:  GROW

My, how you’ve GROWN we tell all the children who we haven’t seen in a long time … nieces, nephews, our far away friends’ kids.  We will soon see the children on the Christmas cards we get each year – My, how they have grown!

When God the Father looks at me, does He too say, “My, how you’ve grown!” sometimes?  I hope He does.  I want to continue to GROW even though my physical growth now is no longer vertical (but more horizontal, unfortunately!!).  I want to stretch, outgrow my old ways, and put on the new clothes necessary because of my spiritual growth. 

From a newborn babe, desiring milk, to an adult who can handle meat.  That’s how the Bible describes the expected growth of the believer.  This food of God’s Word – tasting and seeing God is good – that lights my path – that is profitable for doctrine, reproof, instruction in righteousness.  As I digest it, it transforms my heart and soul, expanding them to greater understanding. 

I stopped physically growing at 5’4″ … but I do not want to stop my “inner man” from getting taller, outgrowing my old ways, and ever moving forward to expansive understanding of a great God who DOES NOT CHANGE even though He changes me as I grow in knowledge of Him.

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  2. ttmillers says:

    Very Well Said, Conny!

  3. I agree. We need to always be concerned with growing our inner man. Just think, if people were as concerned with growing their inner man as they are with shrinking their outer man (losing weight) what a wonderful world it would be.Hugs,Susie

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