30 Days of Thanks – Day 19

I am thankful for my son today …

We think he’s a pretty nice kid … of course, we’re fairly biased.  I do think he is a very responsible young man – and I am thankful he usually wants to do the right thing.  I often say he is my husband’s reward because he is a lot like his dad:  very kind, polite, a hard worker, and VERY good to me.  🙂  I love having him home with me because he often asks me if he can help me around the house or he gladly takes Miriam up to play in his room for a while.   Besides, I enjoy just talking to him.

Tonight we needed milk (Miriam has drank a gallon of milk in the the 2 or 3 days practically by herself!) … so Dan and I decided we’d go out on a mini-“date” to Walmart.  As pathetic as that sounds, Walmart is about the only place we have to go where we live anyway.  🙂  We left the kids home with Andrew in charge – and we even went a little crazy and also stopped by Dollar Tree.  Big night on the town for us … oh, how times have changed!!  Even though we were only gone maybe a little over one hour, it was so nice to just be out without the kids.  It has been a long, busy week, and I think this is about the first opportunity Dan and I have had to really talk. 

I am so thankful for some time to spend with my husband … and to have a responsible son to be at home with the kids.  Then later, I watched TANGLED with my girls.  Looking forward a family weekend!!  We aren’t the most exciting people, but we are thankful to be TOGETHER. 
Happy Weekend!

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2 Responses to 30 Days of Thanks – Day 19

  1. Sarah says:

    I love going to places like walmart and the dollar store with just one too! It is such a treat for them and we both love the one on one time!

  2. ttmillers says:

    If your son is that kind and generous then you are doing something right!!!! Kuddos to you!!! I am told by others that my boys are always polite and kind. I am proud to have 3 sons who are growing up into fine young men.ps. I LOVE TANGLED!!!!

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