30 Days of Thanks – Day 27

Today I am thankful that it is the 1st Sunday of the Advent Season.
Our church does not formally celebrate these 4 Sundays coming up to Christmas; however, as a German tradition, I always thought it was a nice thing to do at home.
I have an advent wreath that I bought when we were stationed in Germany many years ago.
Today I want to pack up the fall/Thanksgiving decorations and get ready for CHRSITMAS.
It is easy this year to NOT dwell so much on the presents and the shopping and the materialism of the season because we really can’t even begin to participate in the commercialism financially …
but I am thankful we will indeed be focusing on the TRUE MEANING of Christmas:
the birth of our Savior
and all that this means for us eternally.

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4 Responses to 30 Days of Thanks – Day 27

  1. Sarah says:

    We had a house full of guest this past long weekend and that meant our office was turned into a bedroom! But I'm back after enjoying a little computer-time break! Just linked up. And I agree… we're trying to focus less on the commercialism part of Christmas this year too.

  2. Dear Conny,I´m wondering if they celebrate the Advent sunday like we do in Germany.Now I know not in this way.Ich habe einen Kommentar von dir gelesen und finde es interessant, was du über die amerikanische Weihnachtszeit schreibst. In vielen am.Blogs entsteht leicht der Eindruck, dass es dort immer sehr weihnachtlich zugeht. Meine Kinder finden es zum Beispiel total spannend, dass dort gleich nach Thanksgiving der Baum geschmückt wird.Das mit dem Shopping wird hier aber auch immer mehr. Ich bin froh, dass wenigstens der Sonntag weitgehend Shoppingfree ist. Ich wünsche euch eine schöne AdventzeitLiebe GrüßeStefanie

  3. ArtyMarti says:

    I love the advent season. It's focus is on the true meaning of Christmas, and directs our thoughts there.

  4. Jedidja says:

    Hallo! We have our four Advent weeks. I'm using an Advent calendar, with windows. Behind the windows there is a Bibleverse. My youngest childs turns opening a window – every day – until it's Christmas. I wish you a blessed Advent.

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