30 Days of Thanks – Day 29

Today I am thankful for modern conveniences and that the life of a Hausfrau is so much easier than it was even just 50 years ago!
I did a lot of catch-up laundry today after being gone several days – and what a blessing that other than sorting, switching wet clothes to the dryer, and folding them, I don’t have to scrub on a washboard or even hang clothes out to dry (even though that is a task I really loved when I’d help my Oma with her laundry that she always hung on a line to dry – outside in fair weather and in the attic in wet, cold weather).  My dishwasher is taking care of all those dinner dishes.  No dishpan hands for me!
The heat pump is running, and the space heaters are set in the places where drafts make our house a little chilly – what a blessing to be warm as the days get colder.  No stoking a fire because our lives depend on it (although I loved having a fireplace in various homes I grew up in & my husband has done his fair share of tending a wood stove in his boyhood home).
Dinner was simple tonight -and my stove and oven made it possible with very little tending:
Beef Stroganoff with biscuits
And tonight I will sleep well, knowing my family is safe and warm on this chilly night – although we don’t have the modern convenience of a security system on our house, I rest in the fact that we are watched over by a God who never sleeps.
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  1. Liebe Conny,ja das stimmt, wir haben es wirklich leicht. Meine Mutter hatte noch in einem Wäschetopf gewaschen und mit der Hand geschleudert. Später hatte sie auch eine Waschmaschine und einen Trockner, sie war auch sehr dankbar dafür. Ja uns geht es wirklich gut, dafür müssen wir dankbar sein.LGBarbara

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