Small Town, USA

This morning I took my friend to the airport.  She is spending the weekend in New York City!  I’m jealous.  Not that I’d want to live in NYC, but I sure would love to visit it again.  I’ve been there a few times in my life:  when I was a young child my family went to the Statue of Liberty, and later Dan and I went back when his sister lived at West Point, NY and her family took us into New York City.  We have a picture taken from the Staten Island ferry & the Twin Towers are in the background (Summer of 1992):
After I dropped my friend at the airport in St. Louis today, I drove around a while – and just enjoyed having such a HUGE variety of stores in one central location!!  I only got to go into 4 stores (Aldi’s being one of them – old habits die hard!!) before Miriam fell asleep, and I decided to take advantage of the quiet and drive the 2 hours back home.
At home, all we really have as far as “shopping” is the old “WalmartS”. 
Do you know people who call it WalmartS??  Around here, a lot of people seem to.  In fact, the town our Walmart is located in is called St. Robert … and lots of folks call it St. RobertS.  So much so that when we got a new interstate exit sign a few years ago, it said St. RobertS on it … and you can still see where the final “s” was removed from the sign after someone finally figured out that whoever commissioned the sign had it wrong!
Ah, small town living!!

So, some days when we need something or just need to get out of the house, Miriam and I head to Walmart.  I say I hate going to Walmart … but I end up there 2 or 3 times a week, it seems!!
We have our routines.  First, we say “HI” to Mickey Mouse at the entrance.  He’s actually one of those coin-operated ride-on toys – but Miriam doesn’t know that yet!!  We just stop by to greet him and move on.  Then, we go visit the fish.

Miriam could spend all day here – poor little deprived thing, it is as close as she’ll get to the zoo or a pet store anytime soon!  Saying good-bye to the fish usually merits some sadness and sometimes a little “fit”.  But we tell them, “We’ll be back, fish” … and no doubt, within a day or two, we are.

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  1. ArtyMarti says:

    Walmart is the closest store to me, and while I don't particularly like shopping there, I hate driving to shop more. Here in the city there is no lack of stores, but finding parking, the lines, the rude folks all make it a hassle.

  2. Tami says:

    My local trip usually ends up at Target. After dropping my son off at hockey practice I have so much time to kill, I end up going to spend money on things I really don't need.

  3. Jedidja says:

    What a cute pictures of that beautiful girl. Here, in the village we have a lot of shops. My son's favorite store is a pet: with fish, snakes, birds, rabbits. I personally love the HEMA. That shop probably will not be in America. Nice store with clothes, cosmetica, bread, biscuits, books, cookware, bicycles. Everything. And you can have delicious coffee with a large piece of cake (swarzwaltserkirsch). I've never been to New York. I know this city only from the pictures

  4. Hallo Conny,ach wie niedlich, deine Tochter scheint die Fische sehr zu mögen. Schön für was sich die Kleinen noch negeistern können. LGBarbara

  5. its beautiful connie..! i went several occasion to new york with my mother and went to the empire state and saw the twins..i love america! and what a cute baby you have! she is so sweet and curious to see the fishes..i love children…have a nice weekend..going to the market after all even its raining..loves soraya

  6. Karoline says:

    Liebe Conny, das wäre auch ein Traum von mir, New York zu bereisen. Meine Schwester und ich haben uns ausgemacht, wenn wir soviel ansparen können, wollen wir zu meinem 40. Geburtstag nach NY fliegen. Mal sehen, ob es klappt. Ich mag es auch nicht, mit meinen Kindern in riesige Supermärkte zu gehen, das ist der pure Stress. Aber bei euch hat "riesig" eine andere Bedeutung als bei uns in Germany, glaube ich. Liebe GrüßeKaroline

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