2. Advent

My sweet great-aunt in Germany emails me each weekend with lovely pictures – today I am sharing the one above with some greetings for the 2nd Sunday of the Advent season!
December has now come … the days ahead (at least here) are forecasted to become colder … the festive lights of Christmas decor are everywhere!  I’ve gotten a few cards in the mail already.  There is no stopping the Christmas season … and I am preparing my heart – and my head – for the days ahead:
1.  At the beginning of the month, we are facing a flurry of parties and activities.  There are numerous functions at church and at school – several parties and dinners to attend, a choir cantata, bell ringing for the Salvation Army, school band/choir concert, etc.  While these activities are a lot of fun, I hope the stress won’t overwhelm me and make me lose the joy of the season!  My goal is to keep my calendar updated and accurate – to plan ahead & to be prepared. 
2.  Everyone has their own way of shopping for Christmas gifts – some start shopping the day after Christmas and others wait until the last minute.  I’m somewhere in the middle – but this year, I’m thinking gift giving is going to be simple but meaningful.  What exactly that entails, I’m still working on and thinking about … mostly it has be to cost effective.  The same goes for my Christmas cards – I am not sure who, when, and if I’ll get them out this year, but I hope I find some inspiration.  Soon!   
3.  As school closes for the Christmas Break later this month, I am looking forward to rest, relaxation, reflection, and renewal!!  The older I get, the less being busy appeals to me; spending quiet days at home or out with family and close friends is what I plan to enjoy most during that time.  I also want this time to be meaningful for my children.  While they do have their “wish list” of presents, I think TIME is the best gift one can give their children!! 
4.  Lastly, I hope I will remember to find ways to reach out to others.  So often over the years as I’ve taught in various children’s ministries, I have taught the J-O-Y concept:  true joy comes from putting Jesus first – then Others – and lastly, Yourself.  I am a serious introvert for the most part, so I have to purposefully find ways to step outside my comfort zone … but I want to be selfless enough to be willing to do this.  I am praying about opportunities and ideas of how to accomplish this – as well as to be an example to my children that life isn’t just about our own little world. 

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3 Responses to 2. Advent

  1. ArtyMarti says:

    You have good goals. I too am looking for ways to reach out and help those less fortunate. I am so blessed.

  2. Tami says:

    It is lovely that your great-aunt keeps in touch. I love the header for this post too.

  3. Liebe Conny,du hast so schön über Weihnachten geschriebne, ja so stelle ich mir die schönste Zeit im Jahr auch vor. Ja, mir ist die Zeit mit der Fam. und den guten Freunden auch sehr wichtig. Ich liebe, wie du, die Weihnachtszeit total.Ich habe gerne von dir gelesen.LGBarbara

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