The CrOoKeD Post

This is how our day has been … lounging on the couch, watching movies, with a cozy blanket – Miriam, not even dressed; me, not dressed properly for going beyond my house anyway!!
We’re kind of in an sideways mood – and hence, I’m leaving my pictures from today sideways instead of going back to crop them the right way!  You’ll just have to tilt your head a little to the left to see them properly:

 ^^ BJ:  if you look closely at the far bookshelves, you will see my NEW, lovely P-E-A-C-E stocking holder’s temporary home!!  I’m still tweaking … but I love them SO MUCH  – and more so, that you thought of ME!!  🙂  

The rest of my living room looks like this right now.  SOMEONE should really pick up around here.  “MAID!!  Oh, MAID???”   Hmmm, she’s not answering right now.  *hrumph*

 So, last night the migraine that has been under the surface since Tuesday, I’m sure, finally manifested itself at full force.  😦  I came home from church – crawled into my bed – and didn’t come out until 1 a.m.  And that was just to put Miriam into her crib from where she had fallen asleep on Dan who had fallen asleep on the couch, to take a second dose of migraine meds, and to get a big glass of water (<< NOTE PLEASE:  Melanie!!). 

I dozed fitfully all night, pondering why in the world my recent migraines have been SO horrible that even the prescription meds don’t seem to touch them.  😦  Guess I need to go back to keeping a migraine journal to track what is triggering my headaches so I can avoid them, if at all possible?!

Anyway, woke up feeling a little better – just as if I had a “normal” headache, which is much less painful than what I’d dealt with all night.  Today I’m still achy – but at least I can go to work this afternoon and then my older children’s band & choir concert (hopefully that won’t re-trigger the migraine! ha!!).  🙂 

As I’d pretty much skipped breakfast, the thing that sounded the best to me for lunch today was a comforting soup.  Anna has been home from Monday thru Wednesday with a stomach bug, so we were all out of chicken noodle soup – but I remembered my SPECIAL STASH of German foods, which included my ultimate COMFORT FOOD “Eiermuschel Suppe” (an egg noodle soup) that my Oma always made for my Opa and I as an appetizer for lunch. 

I have 2 precious mixes of this soup (which are actually Andrew’s – a gift from my mom who got them from a friend in Germany – because he loves it too!) that I’ve been saving for a “special occasion” – but I think today merits a little “special” treatment and TLC.
I’m feeling better already!
Have a nice day.
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6 Responses to The CrOoKeD Post

  1. oh mir geht es auch nich ganz so gut zur zeit….und ich habe auch ein packchen Eiermuschelsuppe in my kitchen cabinet!!!love popping in to visit you Connie!!VLG Karla

  2. the soup seems good to me! i just love your home! it seems peaceful and full of Gods presence.i can tell..and well im myself at home..huub told me that he thinks in january i will be back to work..connie here in holland seems everyone is busy with holidays lol..i just take it one step at the time..having family diner and fellowship its enough for me..loves from huub and i to you and your family …hope your headache is gone in jesus name..loves soraya

  3. Sorry about the migraine!Glad you love the peace holders! 🙂

  4. Liebe Conny,oh Migräne, das kenne ich. Gute Besserung.LGBarbara

  5. melanie says:

    The drink of water has been duly noted in your Good Girl Account ;DI'm so sorry about the migraine ~ No fun! :-\ Maybe the chiropractor could help?

  6. ArtyMarti says:

    Soup is a wonderful comfort food. Hope that migraine is gone, and you can get back to normal.

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