I have no other title for this blog post except that it is indeed, I think, Tuesday (December 13, 2011). 

My observations for the morning are thus:

1.  Despite 2 cats & an almost-2-year-old, I managed to install my new wireless router today (to replace the one that burned out recently).  Not that it matters entirely as my laptop, which is the device I use the MOST wirelessly, is at the computer shop, getting its power source repaired. 

2.  THEN I realized – as I attempted to PRINT and scan – that my printer/scanner was ALSO wireless!!!  And thus, I uninstalled & re-installed my printer, despite my 2 cats and an almost-2-year-old.  Finally, I got it all figured out (me, being very NOT technically inclined) – and printed my test paper – only to get a little laugh:

Apparently German is a long, wordy language!  We have words like “einundzwanzig” which is simply the number “21” spelled out!  There is a “glottal stop” in there (a pause between 2 vowels), so you can catch a breath:  ein (pause) undzwangzig.  And compared to English, I think sometimes it takes many MORE German words to say the same thing. 

On my test paper from my printer, the message “Thank you for choosing Lexmark” was written in about 20 different languages.  All the languages required one line to say the phrase, even those with characters instead of letters EXCEPT German.  No, the German phrase took TWO almost full lines to say the same thing:

“Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich fuer ein Produkt
von Lexmark entschieden haben.” 

3.  I am not sure how to keep up a healthy life style right now!  Well, honestly, I’m eating HEALTHY – but there is so much FOOD available right now!! 

Last Friday, our church had its Christmas party – and the buffet was catered.  The food was INCREDIBLY delicious for a catered meal:  brisket, chicken, veggies, mashed taters … and CHEESECAKE with strawberries.  I tried to use “moderation,” but it is hard when you want “one of EVERYTHING!”. 

Sunday my friend and I ran to do a little Christmas browsing/shopping – and ended up at Olive Garden – and I had a gift certificate – and I ate SHRIMP CAPRESE.  I left a lot of my noodles on the plate – a crying shame – but I felt it was the right thing to do since I ate too many my fair share of bread sticks and salad.  :-O

Last night, our staff had its Christmas party at a lovely location (above) in a nearby town – and I had the BEST steak I’ve eaten since probably last year’s Christmas party!  I did have green beans (no doubt prepared with much butter and such to make them even more scrumptious!) and a baked potato.  Moist, spiced apple cake for dessert – with a thick, creamy frosting ……….
Today I really should fast.  :-X

4.  Lastly, I wanted to remind everyone of my giveaway. 

I will be choosing my winner TOMORROW (Wednesday, December 14) very late at night … so you’ve got today & tomorrow to  ENTER HERE. 

Have a good Tuesday!  Once I get myself organized, Miriam and I will be heading out to the WalmartS … and then to watch Andrew play basketball with the school team, and then our family cleans our church on Tuesdays (and Thursdays). 

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5 Responses to Tuesday

  1. Karoline says:

    Liebe Conny, Respekt für diese technische Höchstleistung! Das kann echt Nerven kosten!Liebe GrüßeKaroline

  2. Rochelle says:

    It sounds like you've had quite the Tuesday. Thank goodness tomorrow is hump day Wednesday. Like you I am struggling to keep the healthy food in front of me and the not so healthy away. I find if I cheat a little I don't feel like I am missing out on too much. I'm just really happy I am seeing the inches drop off. Hallelujah!

  3. Hi connie seem your very busy these days..you had a great time..i cant participate in giveaways because i lived far away..but its nice im thinking to do that some times..and just post it to america why not? it isnt that expensive..ill think how when and what im going to give away…have a great evening friend..oh yes my blog is having cliches..but hope will be repaired..take care..and have some rest..with a little girl and a family i think your little tired..God bless you

  4. melanie says:

    Yum! Your Christmas parties sound very delicious 😀

  5. Tami says:

    Your dinner sounds fabulous (And I am not that fond of steak). Congrats on the electronic installation! Wahoo!

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