The Best Day of Christmas Break

Today is the best day of Christmas Break because it is the FIRST day of Christmas Break.  It means all of Christmas Break still lies ahead of us!  We have a full 2 weeks plus a day with no school, not much work, and a lot of family time to look forward to. 
The last 2 weeks of school and at church were extremely busy … but now we are slowing down a little although we still have a few fun events coming up to enjoy.  And of course, CHRISTMAS is next Sunday!
While I have a few quiet minutes on the couch with my (newly repaired!!) laptop, I thought I’d share a few pictures from our 9th Annual Christmas Tea at Shady Gables in Versailles, Missouri.  I have been every year except one when I worked full-time, and my friends took Anna with them. 
We came to Missouri when Anna was just a year old … and she immediately made friends in the nursery with 2 other girls – one 9 months older and one a little over a year older than her. Now these girls are 11 and 12 years old.  They have been through Kindergarten together, elementary school, and are now in 6th grade. 

We have now moved from the girls having “Tea with Mrs. Claus” to just enjoying “The Queen’s Choice” tea meal together.  Afterwards, we always do some shopping and usually end up having dinner together. 

I love that we have this tradition to remember when Anna and I look back on her childhood.  I am definitely not always the best mother I could be or the calmest mother I should be … but I am hopeful that times like this make up for all the times that I hope Anna will forget (like when I lose my temper or get impatient with her). 

These tea times are so good for me too … I remember to lighten up a little … and to laugh and enjoy my daughter and my friends, who make this tradition that much more special.  Even this time, just as our tea was beginning and we had poured our various teas (choices this time were “Lover’s Leap”, “Holiday Spice”, and “Candy Cane”), Anna – in her Anna-like way – bumped the table and shook up our full tea cups – but my friends’ laughter and the gentle joking reminded me to not berate my daughter for her clumsiness but the join in the chuckling, because REALLY it wasn’t THAT terrible after all.
I’m so thankful for my friends and their daughters.  We’ve been friends through the births of babies, major life changes, the adjustments of going back to work (and then for ME going back home), and of watching all of our kids grow up.  I’m thankful we are all growing up together!
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  1. ArtyMarti says:

    It's good to have happy memories with your children, and I think these are the ones that they remember. I know my kids are always bringing up some special time that I hadn't even realized was so special to them. I'm sure that as long as you are being the best mother that YOU can be, it is fine.

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